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What's the off-season in Sanya? The reason of Sanya Tourism off-season

Sanya, Hainan has always been a popular island destination in China. When it comes to holidays or Sanya's peak tourist season, there are an endless stream of tourists coming here for holidays. The passenger flow of each island is very large, and the price is also very expensive. Some tourists think it's appropriate to go there in the off-season, so what month is Sanya's off-season tourism?

What month is Sanya off-season Tourism

From November to April of the following year is the peak season of tourism. The temperature is not cold or hot at this time, which is also very suitable. During this period, tourists to Sanya are very hot. As long as they avoid this collection month, the rest of the month is the off-season of tourism in Sanya, which is almost the off-season of tourism from May to September. At this time, the temperature in Sanya is on the high side, the sunshine time is long, and some of it is hot, However, July and August are summer holidays, and there will be a wave of children's tourism climax.

Sanya's prices will also drop in the off-season, and the prices of major hotels will be the most favorable time of the year, and the air ticket discount is also very large, but the temperature is too high and the ultraviolet ray is too strong, which is not suitable for the sea activities. If you travel in the off-season, you can choose to swim in the sea in the early and evening. It's better to stay in the air-conditioned room or have green trees to shade at noon, Where the sea breeze blows, you can cool off.

When is the off-season in Sanya? Now you should be clear. In winter, when Sanya has the most tourists, many people want to go here for shelter. During this period, the prices of air tickets and accommodation will be much higher than usual. The cost-effective tourists are not recommended to go at this time.