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How beautiful is Danba, the most beautiful village in Sichuan?

Danba is a place full of fairy tales, known as the "country of thousand blockhouses". Jiarong Tibetan village is famous for its unique architectural style and the beauty of Danba. To go to Danba, you can choose pure free travel, let the body and mind follow the beautiful scenery of Danba freely. So, how beautiful is Danba's spring?

In the past few days in Sichuan Danba Tibetan village, you can walk on the mountain path freely, with the fragrance of flowers and the singing of birds. The field and the dressed Danba Tibetan girls pass by from time to time. The attractive elements of folk houses, ancient blockhouses and Tibetan girls always appear in the lens and eyes.

Danba in April is still full of spring. The sun rises from the back of the mountain and falls on the villages among the mountains. The villages are covered by green trees, with smoke curling up and red and white hiding houses. In this mountain depression and under the sun, the most beautiful villages in China are famous.

Danba's spring color is full of pure white. Look at the pear blossom of that tree. It's clearly the feather coat of the pear blossom fairy. It's white, hazy and plain.

Danba's spring color is interwoven with attractive pink. In late spring, a tree of peach blossoms, sometimes blooming in full white, presents intoxicating colors in the sun.

Danba's spring color, immersed in the dense blue. There are many beautiful mountains and empty valleys. That blue is the unique temperament of Jinchuan canyon. The natural background makes Danba particularly beautiful.

Danba's spring color is a little yellow. That yellow, is a tree flower in spring, swaying with lovely colors, dense blue background, deduce the best color combination, bright but not brilliant, beautiful but not vulgar.

Danba's spring is full of warm breath. Once raised in a boudoir people do not know Danba beauty Qiao eyes Qian Xi, gorgeous as a rose. The simple and hospitable Danba people welcome tourists from all directions with their hospitality.

Danba's spring is colorful, like a poem or a painting. Walking in the spring of Danba, appreciating the beautiful scenery of nature, the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers, will definitely make your thoughts fly and your feelings move in spring.

Danba's spring color is very beautiful. It's pure, gentle and romantic. It's too beautiful to leave.