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Where is the most famous incense in Wudang Mountain? The origin of Wudang life taking censer

Wudang Mountain, also known as Taihe mountain, is located in Danjiangkou, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Wudang school has been one of the important schools of Chinese martial arts since ancient times. It was founded by Zhang Sanfeng of Song Dynasty. Since then, Wudang school has been famous all over the world. The first fragrance has made the reputation of Wudang Mountain a higher level. The most famous one in Wudang Mountain is the leader known as "the best fragrance in the world" Incense ', worshipped by the faithful. What's the matter with the "life taking" censer in Wudang Mountain? Where is the best place of Wudang Mountain?

Wudang Mountain is one of the famous Taoist holy places in China. Since ancient times, there have been many legends. It's said that in ancient times, Emperor Zhenwu got his way here. Therefore, Wudang Mountain is full of incense and Taoism Buildings. Wudang Mountain is not only the leader of Mount Tai, but also the danger of Mount Hua. Cliff, deep stream, secluded cave, clear spring, surrounded by smoke, as if in a fairyland. Therefore, I should At that time, it became an ideal place for many Taoists to pursue immortality.

The dragon head incense of "the best fragrance in the world" is located in Nanyan, Wudang Mountain. Outside the stone Hall of "Tianyi Zhenqing Longevity Palace", it is on a carved dragon stone beam beside the cliff. The stone beam is suspended on the cliff. It stretches out 2.9 meters from the suspension and is only 30 cm wide. On the top of the dragon head is a censer.

The following is the abyss. People who want to respect the dragon head incense must climb from the narrow dragon on their knees, light the dragon head incense, and then kneel back. If they fall off the cliff, they will be smashed to pieces.

This place is carved by ancient craftsmen with various techniques, such as round carving, carving and shadow carving. The two dragons are in one shape. The dragon head looks up to devour a ball of fire and wants to fly. This exquisite craftsmanship is amazing.

From ancient times to now, pilgrims express their piety in order to be the best in the world. Many pilgrims risk their lives to burn dragon head incense again, so there are countless people who have lost their lives here, and countless people have died here.

Therefore, the dragon head incense of Wudang Mountain is also known as the "life taking" incense burner. For hundreds of years, countless people have been killed here. Nowadays, people pay more attention to sincerity than spirit. Many people risk their lives to burn dragon head incense, and their psychological comfort is to make their wishes come true. However, there are countless pilgrims on the mountain. Now Wudang Mountain has to make changes. They are on the cliff What do you think of the fence that has been built to prevent tourists from accidentally falling into the cliff?