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What are Qingdao's seafood specialties? What are Qingdao's specialties convenient to carry?

How about Weihai International bath?

Introduction to Weihai tourist attractions:

1. Liu Gong Island

Take bus No.7 to Haigang station, and take a boat to Haigang tourist Wharf at the east end of Huanhai road. It is located at weihaiwan estuary, 2.1 nautical miles east of Weihai City. It is 4.08 kilometers long from the east to the west, 1.5 kilometers wide from the south to the north, covering an area of 3.15 square kilometers, 14.95 kilometers long coastline, and the highest peak Qiding mountain is 153.5 meters above sea level. Known as the 'unsinkable warship'.

Liugong Island has a long history. It is a military important place to guard the eastern sea border. This is the birth of Beiyang Navy, the first navy in modern China

Birthplace, this is the ancient battlefield of Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, where the famous Yellow Sea naval battle took place. Today, the Sino Japanese War Museum of 1895 has been set up on the island, with a large collection of precious cultural relics. Among them, the huge naval gun salvaged from the bottom of the sea, weighing more than 20 tons, is the only one left in the world. On the island, there are the iron wharf and ancient fort of the Beiyang Navy, the monument of the loyal soul of the Beiyang Navy, the Museum of Chinese weapons, the National Forest Park to maintain the original vegetation, the Beiyang Navy Command Office, and the comprehensive artistic means of architecture, sculpture, painting, film and television Jiawu Naval Battle Museum, which shows the tragic history of the Jiawu naval battle.

Transportation: take a boat to Weihai tourist terminal in 20 minutes. There is a tour boat to Chengshantou and Hailu island at 11:00 every day on Liugong Island. Return to Weihai at 18:00. The full fare is 100 yuan, including one meal. It's cancelled in off-season.

Liugong Island ferry timetable time interval between Weihai and the first ship on the island the last ship of Liugong Island is 7:008 minutes 18:007, 87:3015 minutes 17:305, 6, 9, 108:0020 minutes 17:003

, 4, 118:3030 minutes 16:301, 2, 12 tickets: round trip ship ticket from Weihai to Liugong Island and island boarding fee 80 / 110 yuan

2. Weihai Chengshantou

Qinshihuang called it "the end of the sky". It is located in longxudao Town, Rongcheng City, 75 kilometers away from Weihai City. It is named because it is located at the easternmost end of Chengshan mountain range. Chengshantou is surrounded by the sea on three sides and connected to the land on one side. Facing South Korea across the sea, it is only 94 nautical miles away. It is the easternmost end of China's land sea junction. It has been known as "the place where the sun rises" since ancient times and known as "China's Cape of good hope". It is an ideal summer resort with green peaks, vast blue sea, towering cliffs, huge waves and snow. The main scenic spots are Hailu Island, Shihuang temple, Lishi in Qin Dynasty, bairitai, qinqiao ruins, Wanghai Pavilion, Guantao Pavilion, Zhenlong stone and wildlife park.

Transportation: about 180 yuan (without meter) from weihaibao taxi, or you can take Zhongba to Weihai bus station. The one-way fare is 10 yuan, 90 minutes. Departure time of Weihai: 6:10

, 6:40, 7:10, 7:40, 12:15, 12:48, 13:20, 13:50, return time of Chengshan mountain: 8:45, 9:15, 9:45, 10:15, 14:30, 14:55, 15:20

16:30. If you miss the direct bus, you can also take the bus to Longshu Island (Weihai to zhongbatuo of Longshu Island). Longshu island is only three or four miles away from Chengshantou. Even if you walk, you can definitely get there in half an hour.

In addition, Liu Gong Island ships to Chengshantou at 11:00 every day, and returns to Weihai at 18:00, including a meal. The fare is 100 yuan.

Admission: 80 yuan, 120 yuan for Chengshantou and Hailu Island, 120 yuan for Chengshantou and wildlife park, and 120 yuan for Chengshantou, Hailu island and wildlife park.

3. Fahua temple, Chishan, Shidao, Weihai

Located at the south foot of Chishan mountain in the north of Shidao Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, Chishan fahua temple was founded in Tang Dynasty. It is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Jiaodong of Tang Dynasty. It has a long history and was later destroyed in Huichang period of Tang Dynasty.

In 1987, Japanese academic celebrities came to Chishan for an investigation. With the assistance of the Foreign Affairs Office of Rongcheng Municipal People's government, they rebuilt the French Chinese Academy, with an investment of more than 2 million yuan. In the process of reconstruction, it has been greatly supported and supported by relevant departments at higher levels and international friends. The main project of the reconstructed fahua academy covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, all of which are imitated buildings of the Tang Dynasty. Its layout is basically the same as that described in the book of pilgrimage to the Tang Dynasty. The Mahavira hall sits south of the mountain. In the center of the hall, there are statues of Buddha Sakyamuni, which are vivid in shape and exquisite in sculpture. Mr. Zhao Puchu, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and President of the National Buddhist Association, inscribes the four words "Mahavira hall" for the hall.

Chishan fahua hospital has convenient transportation, 4 km from Shidao Port, 80 km from Weihai. It can be reached by bus at the bus station. After 6:00 every day, you can take the Weihai Shidao bus. It takes 15 minutes, 10 yuan / person.

4. Rongcheng Swan Lake, Weihai, Shandong

In the north of Rongcheng, on the way to the top of the city, the legendary Swan Lake is the integration of tears of the wife of Qin Shihuang, and the swan is the embodiment of the wife of Qin Shihuang. Here you can enjoy how the ugly duckling becomes a white swan.

Located in the northern sea area of Chengshantou, the nearest distance from the land is 4 nautical miles. Because of its beautiful scenery and far away from land, it attracts numerous seabirds to live, lay eggs and reproduce here. Every spring, thousands of seagulls come here to roost and lay their eggs. There are countless bird nests in the crevices, which are called the "Seagull kingdom".

Transportation: buses will take you to Xixiakou at Chengshantou scenic spot and take ferry to Xixiakou, 8:00-18:00 every day, once an hour.

Admission: 80 yuan, with the joint ticket of Chengshantou, with the joint ticket of Chengshantou and wildlife park.

Accommodation is strongly recommended: there is a fig Inn in the international bathing beach of gaoqu District, which is well decorated and sells some fig products from Weihai.

There is a Yinxiang resort by the sea, which is also good. It's suitable for three people.

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What are the local snacks in Shandong?

In the land of Shandong Province, which is dominated by pasta, a series of pasta such as Qingdao steamed bun, signature steamed bun and pancake are included in the top ten famous pasta dishes in Shandong Province. The geographical location of Shandong Province, bordering the mountains in the East and the sea in the west, also enriches the variety of Shandong cuisine. Some dishes, including yam, donkey meat, seafood and so on, have been selected as the top ten famous dishes in Shandong Province. If you have the chance to go to Shandong, you must not miss these delicious top ten Shandong famous foods.

Jinan yam

In addition to the main dishes such as jiuzhuan large intestine, sweet and sour carp, the final dessert is often the dish of plucked silk. One of the top ten famous dishes in Shandong is the Jinan Chinese yam.

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2. Qingdao big bag

Because of its thin skin and tender filling, the three delicacies in Qingdao hotel became famous in the island city for a while, which became the synonym of Qingdao snacks and was also selected as the top ten famous dishes in Shandong Province. At that time, if you want to buy Qingdao bags, you may have to line up for an hour. But Qingdao big bag has also made a common problem of Chinese snacks, that is, the reputation has gone up and the quality has come down. As a result, the once beautiful Qingdao bag gradually disappeared in people's vision.

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3. Weifang Meat fire

In Shandong, burning is a very popular and cheap snack, a few cents a. It's the best pasta to eat. Weifang Meat fire is also the breakfast of local people in Weifang. With good reputation, he was selected as one of the top ten famous dishes in Shandong Province.

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4. Jining pork dry rice

B & egrave; ng R & ograve; u dry rice, a traditional snack, is known as the first Chinese dish and originated in the Yuan Dynasty. It is one of the top ten famous dishes in Shandong. With the opening of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, rice from the south is transported to the north by water. At that time, people put the stewed meat and rice together to eat, which has a unique flavor. In today's Jining people are still very fond of this kind of rice.

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5. Zaozhuang vegetable pancake

Zaozhuang vegetable pancakes are mainly made of pancakes from the south of Shandong Province, which are fried and roasted with various vegetables. Zaozhuang vegetable pancakes are all beautiful in five colors and fragrant in six flavors. They are suitable for both young and old. They are commonly known as "Lunan hot dogs and hamburgers". Vegetable pancakes can be used not only as banquet food, but also as ordinary family meals. They are easy to make, fast and nutritious. They are the most suitable instant fast food for fast-paced workers.

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6. Yimeng single chicken

Yimeng bachelor chicken is a famous local food in Mengyin. It is popular in Yimeng mountain area with its unique flavor. Fu Zeming, the founder, opened a fried chicken shop in Xiling, Mengyin County, mainly to cook Mengshan rooster, which attracted a large number of diners with delicious taste and special flavor. Because the staff of the fried chicken shop are all men and the materials are all roosters, the dish is called "light chicken", which is called "single chicken shop".

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7. Fried Spanish mackerel in Weihai

Golden color, thin skin and big filling, fresh and delicious. It is called one of the top ten famous foods in Shandong.

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8. Laiwu pancake

Laiwu hanging furnace pancakes are 'elliptical', the upper layer 'sprinkles with fine sesame seeds', thin and crispy, with' large hollow part ', the lower layer' soft with crispness', and 'never be tired of eating'. Salty 'in summer is leek filling, in winter is cabbage filling', bite down 'full of fragrance', 'the taste is called stick'!

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9. Plain bread with signature

Zhuzi steamed bun, also known as Zhuzi steamed bun, originated in the town of Encheng, Pingyuan County, Shandong Province. Its individual shape is unique: About 20cm long, the top is sharp and thin, the middle is round and thick (about 3.5cm in diameter), the bottom is slightly flat and blunt compared with the top, slightly in the shape of a spindle. The color is as white as jade, and the oil light is slightly bright. It tastes sweet and nutritious. It is suitable for people of all ages to eat.

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10. Weiji donkey meat

As the saying goes, dragon meat in the sky, donkey meat on the ground and Weiji donkey meat in Huimin County are rated as one of the top ten famous foods in Shandong Province. Weiji donkey meat has a long history. At first, the ancestors adopted the way of running business from street to street. Because the family name was Jia, the villagers in ten li eight townships called it "Jia donkey meat". After several generations of continuous exploration and improvement, they finally formed a well-known local flavor.

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What fruits abound in Shandong?

When it comes to Shandong, you know what specialties there are in Shandong, what specialties there are in Shandong, and how much do you know about Shandong specialty? Next, Jinan jiuri food will introduce some specialties of Shandong to you.

Yantai land specialty products are Yantai apple, Yantai Cherry, Laiyang pear, Shandong flavor snacks, Fushan ramen, Penglai noodles, fried oyster yellow, Yantai grape wine, Zhibao sanbian wine.

Famous fruits and melons in Shandong province include: Yantai apple, big cherry, Laiyang pear, Dezhou watermelon (more than 20 kinds, such as Lama melon, pear skin, grain carrier, towel strip, may fresh, white skin, etc.), Huimin watermelon (three kinds, such as Sanbai, Taoyuan sanjieyi, black oilskin, etc., which is also called "Changzhuang melon" because of the best quality produced in Changzhuang).

There are many famous candy cakes in Shandong, such as Binzhou's sesame crisp, also known as silver crisp, Wudi's' joyful Group ', Zouping's longevity cake, Jinan's Hibiscus fruit, Shanghe smoked dates, Luohan cakes, thousand layers crisp, noodles fresh, Qingdao's Yangwei peach, Tanghua cake, white honey food, jiangmi dates, big egg powder, crisp egg fruit, mung bean cake, Jinan honey three knife, Gaomi honey dates, Linqing preserved dates Sweet pancakes, sorghum, crystal candy, Polygonum, Linqing yipinzhai snacks, etc. Zhoucun pancake is a special product of Zibo