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What are the 5A level scenic spots in Guangxi? A survey of 5A scenic spots in Guangxi

Guangxi is of course the first choice to see beautiful landscapes. Guangxi is a provincial capital famous for its mountains and rivers. That's why "Guilin mountains and rivers are the best in the world". Guangxi's rich tourism resources certainly do not lack high-quality scenic spots. What are the 5A scenic spots in Guangxi? How many are the 5A scenic spots in Guangxi?

The Lijiang River in Guilin

There is no need to say more about the famous Lijiang River. The phrase "Guilin Scenery is the best of the world" is the scenery of the Lijiang River. The peaks of the two sides of the Lijiang River are tall and straight, and form the essence of Guilin scenery. The most representative landscapes in the whole process are jiuma painting mountain and yellow cloth reflection. The back of the new version of RMB 20 refers to the yellow cloth reflection.

Guilin, Xiangshan

Xiangshan is one of the representative scenic spots in Guilin. It's named for its elephant like appearance. You have to punch in here to come to Guilin. Although the scenic spot is not big and the tickets are expensive, many tourists will still come for the fame of Xiangbi mountain, just to take a picture of its panorama as a souvenir. Besides Xiangbi mountain itself, there are Shuiyue cave, Love Island, Puxian tower, Sanhua wine cellar, etc Scenic spot.

Duxiu Peak Wangcheng scenic spot

Duxiufeng Wangcheng scenic spot includes duxiufeng and Jingjiang Wangfu. Jingjiang palace is a group of magnificent and large-scale buildings. It was once the residence of the longest vassal in Ming Dynasty. Behind the palace is Duxiu Peak. The famous saying "Guilin landscape is the best in the world" comes from the stone carvings of Duxiu Peak.


There is a Qingcheng Mountain in Chengdu and a Qingxiu mountain in Nanning, which is also the most famous tourist attraction in Nanning. The environment of the scenic area is very quiet, the water is clear and the air is fresh. Here, you can climb the Dragon elephant tower to see the landscape, or walk in the garden to enjoy all kinds of flowers and enjoy the pleasure. It is a good place for outing, flower appreciation and climbing.

Detian transnational waterfall

In summer, it's best to see the scenery of the international waterfall in Detian. Surrounded by green vegetation, the waterfall looks very comfortable. If you want to see the waterfall at a close distance, you can also take a picture on the river by taking a bamboo raft. Because it's the boundary river between the two countries, so it's equivalent to a trip out of the country. On the river, there will be Vietnamese people rowing bamboo rafts to sell small things, which is very interesting.

Guilin happy land theme park

It's the biggest amusement park in Guilin. It has all kinds of entertainment facilities, so you won't feel bored playing for a day. Besides, there are 18 floors of bungee jumping. Dare you challenge it? The park is divided into seven theme areas: Happy China City, West America, dreamland, pirate village, South Pacific, Europe and mandala garden. It's a good place for weekend leisure.

How many 5A scenic spots are there in Guangxi? The above is the answer given by Xiaobian. There are 6 5A scenic spots in total, most of which are concentrated in Guilin. So many people will go to Guilin first when they travel in Guangxi. Friends who want to go to other scenic spots can also go there.