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What season is the most comfortable to go to Qingdao? What should I wear to Qingdao?

What season is the most comfortable to go to Qingdao?

Best season: April October is the best season to visit Qingdao.

The golden season of tourism can last from the end of March to the beginning of November, especially in late August. The warm sea water is the golden season of coastal tourism. The winter wind in Qingdao is biting. Although the sea water is not frozen, it is cold to zero. If you have strong physique and enough courage, you can try the winter swimming. From January to April, the wind in Qingdao has a low temperature and a slow recovery speed. Patients with arthritis should avoid this season. 2. In May, June and July, Qingdao was full of dense fog, with high air humidity and serious pollution, which was not conducive to the travel of patients with tracheitis. The temperature in Qingdao changed a lot in November. Patients with coronary heart disease had better not choose to travel at this time.

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What sea does Qingdao belong to?

The sea area of Qingdao belongs to the Yellow Sea.

The Yellow Sea is a marginal sea in the Western Pacific Ocean, which lies between the mainland of China and the Korean Peninsula. It is a semi closed shallow sea in the north-south direction. It is bounded by the old fellow east of Liaodong Peninsula and the Penglai corner of the northern coast of Shandong peninsula. It is linked to Bohai. The south is bounded by the Qidong mouth of the Yangtze River Estuary and the southwest corner of Jeju Island, which is connected with the East China Sea.

The Yellow Sea, with an average depth of 44 meters and a flat bottom, is part of the East Asian continental shelf. The name of the Yellow Sea comes from the yellow color of its large waters. Since the Yellow River has been flowing into the Yellow Sea for more than 700 years in history, a large amount of sediment carried in the river has dyed the sea water near the Yellow Sea yellow. It is also known as the Yellow Sea and has become an international term.

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What's interesting about Qingdao, Shandong?

Trestle (the sign of Qingdao. About 40 minutes, take a picture and sit by the sea. Suggestion: bring your own camera. Don't be fooled by the photographers in the scenic spot. Don't buy anything near the trestle. Don't blame me for not reminding you. )

Sightseeing on the sea by boat (more than 20 yuan can be negotiated. About 20-30 minutes. Qingdao at sea has its own flavor. Small Qingdao, Naval Museum, trestle and maritime palace can be seen. )

Qingdao undersea world (90 or 100 yuan 90 is the ticket of undersea world, 100 is the ticket of undersea world + aquarium. 80% of the stations near the trestle arrive, and get off at Lu Xun Park station. The fare is 1 yuan with change. Don't be a motorcycle near the trestle. Don't blame me for it. Don't blame Qingdao. About 1.5-2 hours in the underwater world, there are underwater performances: two performances every day at 11:00 / 15:30. There are two performances every day at 9:30 / 14:00. If you miss the show, you'll have a free one

XiaoYushan (you can walk for 10 minutes to the underwater world at 15 yuan. You can see Qingdao in the air, look up in the sea in front of you, and have a look down. About 40 minutes)

Badaguan (the first bathing beach along the sea is Badaguan, don't take a car, this section of the road is also tired. Badaguan is a place for murdering films. If it's not for digital cameras, prepare more films the day before and more SD cards for digital cameras. It's easy to get lost and there are many forbidden areas in Badaguan. Don't rush into the area where there is martial law. It's better to stay away if there are people in black outside. It is suggested to walk along the seaside and where there are many people. Walking along the sea soon is the second bathing place. Take a short rest and blow the sea breeze. 2-3 hours in Badaguan should be enough. Walk along the sea to Haitian Hotel)

Donghai Road Sculpture Street (from the seaside in front of Haitian Hotel). Between heaven and earth... Now there are two options: tired to ride, physical king can continue to walk along the sea. Take the bus to Haifu station, take the bus to Fushan station. It's better to walk to Carrefour. )

Carrefour (shopping, low price, various kinds. After purchasing, you should comfort your stomach. Come out from Carrefour and go east for 2 crossings. You can eat whatever you like at the intersection next to the Bank of China (Minjiang Road). Seafood, snacks, beer... It's not too killing here. You can rest assured. Cost depends on what you eat!)

You're full. Exercise. Walk to May Fourth Square.

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What are the local snacks in Shandong?

In the land of Shandong Province, which is dominated by pasta, a series of pasta such as Qingdao steamed bun, signature steamed bun and pancake are included in the top ten famous pasta dishes in Shandong Province. The geographical location of Shandong Province, bordering the mountains in the East and the sea in the west, also enriches the variety of Shandong cuisine. Some dishes, including yam, donkey meat, seafood and so on, have been selected as the top ten famous dishes in Shandong Province. If you have the chance to go to Shandong, you must not miss these delicious top ten Shandong famous foods.

Jinan yam

In addition to the main dishes such as jiuzhuan large intestine, sweet and sour carp, the final dessert is often the dish of plucked silk. One of the top ten famous dishes in Shandong is the Jinan Chinese yam.

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2. Qingdao big bag

Because of its thin skin and tender filling, the three delicacies in Qingdao hotel became famous in the island city for a while, which became the synonym of Qingdao snacks and was also selected as the top ten famous dishes in Shandong Province. At that time, if you want to buy Qingdao bags, you may have to line up for an hour. But Qingdao big bag has also made a common problem of Chinese snacks, that is, the reputation has gone up and the quality has come down. As a result, the once beautiful Qingdao bag gradually disappeared in people's vision.

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3. Weifang Meat fire

In Shandong, burning is a very popular and cheap snack, a few cents a. It's the best pasta to eat. Weifang Meat fire is also the breakfast of local people in Weifang. With good reputation, he was selected as one of the top ten famous dishes in Shandong Province.

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4. Jining pork dry rice

B & egrave; ng R & ograve; u dry rice, a traditional snack, is known as the first Chinese dish and originated in the Yuan Dynasty. It is one of the top ten famous dishes in Shandong. With the opening of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, rice from the south is transported to the north by water. At that time, people put the stewed meat and rice together to eat, which has a unique flavor. In today's Jining people are still very fond of this kind of rice.

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5. Zaozhuang vegetable pancake

Zaozhuang vegetable pancakes are mainly made of pancakes from the south of Shandong Province, which are fried and roasted with various vegetables. Zaozhuang vegetable pancakes are all beautiful in five colors and fragrant in six flavors. They are suitable for both young and old. They are commonly known as "Lunan hot dogs and hamburgers". Vegetable pancakes can be used not only as banquet food, but also as ordinary family meals. They are easy to make, fast and nutritious. They are the most suitable instant fast food for fast-paced workers.

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6. Yimeng single chicken

Yimeng bachelor chicken is a famous local food in Mengyin. It is popular in Yimeng mountain area with its unique flavor. Fu Zeming, the founder, opened a fried chicken shop in Xiling, Mengyin County, mainly to cook Mengshan rooster, which attracted a large number of diners with delicious taste and special flavor. Because the staff of the fried chicken shop are all men and the materials are all roosters, the dish is called "light chicken", which is called "single chicken shop".

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7. Fried Spanish mackerel in Weihai

Golden color, thin skin and big filling, fresh and delicious. It is called one of the top ten famous foods in Shandong.

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8. Laiwu pancake

Laiwu hanging furnace pancakes are 'elliptical', the upper layer 'sprinkles with fine sesame seeds', thin and crispy, with' large hollow part ', the lower layer' soft with crispness', and 'never be tired of eating'. Salty 'in summer is leek filling, in winter is cabbage filling', bite down 'full of fragrance', 'the taste is called stick'!

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9. Plain bread with signature

Zhuzi steamed bun, also known as Zhuzi steamed bun, originated in the town of Encheng, Pingyuan County, Shandong Province. Its individual shape is unique: About 20cm long, the top is sharp and thin, the middle is round and thick (about 3.5cm in diameter), the bottom is slightly flat and blunt compared with the top, slightly in the shape of a spindle. The color is as white as jade, and the oil light is slightly bright. It tastes sweet and nutritious. It is suitable for people of all ages to eat.

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10. Weiji donkey meat

As the saying goes, dragon meat in the sky, donkey meat on the ground and Weiji donkey meat in Huimin County are rated as one of the top ten famous foods in Shandong Province. Weiji donkey meat has a long history. At first, the ancestors adopted the way of running business from street to street. Because the family name was Jia, the villagers in ten li eight townships called it "Jia donkey meat". After several generations of continuous exploration and improvement, they finally formed a well-known local flavor.

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What fruits abound in Shandong?

When it comes to Shandong, you know what specialties there are in Shandong, what specialties there are in Shandong, and how much do you know about Shandong specialty? Next, Jinan jiuri food will introduce some specialties of Shandong to you.

Yantai land specialty products are Yantai apple, Yantai Cherry, Laiyang pear, Shandong flavor snacks, Fushan ramen, Penglai noodles, fried oyster yellow, Yantai grape wine, Zhibao sanbian wine.

Famous fruits and melons in Shandong province include: Yantai apple, big cherry, Laiyang pear, Dezhou watermelon (more than 20 kinds, such as Lama melon, pear skin, grain carrier, towel strip, may fresh, white skin, etc.), Huimin watermelon (three kinds, such as Sanbai, Taoyuan sanjieyi, black oilskin, etc., which is also called "Changzhuang melon" because of the best quality produced in Changzhuang).

There are many famous candy cakes in Shandong, such as Binzhou's sesame crisp, also known as silver crisp, Wudi's' joyful Group ', Zouping's longevity cake, Jinan's Hibiscus fruit, Shanghe smoked dates, Luohan cakes, thousand layers crisp, noodles fresh, Qingdao's Yangwei peach, Tanghua cake, white honey food, jiangmi dates, big egg powder, crisp egg fruit, mung bean cake, Jinan honey three knife, Gaomi honey dates, Linqing preserved dates Sweet pancakes, sorghum, crystal candy, Polygonum, Linqing yipinzhai snacks, etc. Zhoucun pancake is a special product of Zibo, which is also one of the national famous spots. Round yellow, thin as paper. The front is full of sesame, the back is full of crispy holes. The taste is crispy, crispy and fragrant. There are two kinds of salty and sweet. They are packed with printed paper and easy to take.

Laiyang pear is produced in Laiyang. It is famous for its sweet and crisp taste. It was once listed as a royal tribute in Qing Dynasty. Purchase strategy: the superior Laiyang pear is moderate in size, yellowish in skin, thin in pockmarks, thin in handle, sweet but not greasy in import, with a delicate fragrance.

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What are the most suitable places for tourism in Shandong Province?

There are 11 5A level scenic spots in Shandong Province, which are Qufu sancong (Qufu), Taishan (Tai'an), Yimeng Mountain (Linyi), Penglaige (Penglai), Weihai Liugong Island (Weihai), Laoshan Scenic Spot (Qingdao), Taierzhuang ancient city (Taierzhuang), the first spring scenic spot in the world (Jinan), Longkou Nanshan scenic spot (Longkou), Qingzhou ancient city, Weifang City, Shandong Province District (Weifang City), Huaxia city tourist attraction (Weihai City), Weihai City, Shandong Province.

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1、 Three holes in Qufu

The Confucius house, temple and forest in Qufu, Shandong Province, collectively referred to as Qufu's "three Confucius", is a symbol of Chinese successive dynasties' commemoration of Confucius and esteem for Confucianism. It is famous for its rich cultural accumulation, long history, grand scale, rich cultural relics collection, and scientific and artistic value.

Qufu is the hometown of Confucius. Confucius taught in this place before he was born, which was the first Confucian culture. For this reason, more than 2000 years of Chinese history has been deeply branded with Confucianism. Confucian culture, represented by Confucius, follows