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Notes on kulangsu Tourism

Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city, is riding a bicycle on the road around the island, enjoying the bright night scenery, tasting various seafood fruits and special products, as well as hiking on kulangsu Island, a world-famous building. It's really exciting to see so many interesting places. So when you come to kulangsu, you must know the knowledge about kulangsu. What are the tourism strategies of kulangsu?

To Xiamen, you must go to Gulangyu

First of all, to buy a ship ticket, it is suggested that WeChat pay attention to the official public number of Xiamen ferry in advance, so that it can check tickets and buy tickets in advance. It is recommended to buy in advance in peak season, although there are ships in 24 hours, because tickets are limited for each flight, so buying in advance can avoid the embarrassment of no tickets at that time. If you are afraid that you will not be able to catch up with the online flight, you can check the ticket in advance and then rush to the port to buy the ticket.

All the tickets are round-trip tickets of 35 yuan. If you want to live on the island for a few nights, the latest return time is 20 days. As long as you return within 20 days, you can do it. All the round-trip tickets are ID cards.

For kulangsu, before pm5:30 (winter, summer is 6:00), all foreign passengers need to go to XiaGu wharf of Xiamen post center to take a ride. After pm5:30, they need to take a ride at Xiamen ferry wharf. On the return trip, they need to take a ride at sanqiutian wharf before pm5:30, and after pm5:30, they must take a ride at inner cuo'ao wharf. (local people in Xiamen or people with social security card can take the bus at any time at any wharf, and the round-trip cost only 8 yuan. It's nice to think about working in Xiamen. )

After getting on board, start enjoying the beauty of sailing on the sea.

Kulangsu attractions

1. There are six places that need to buy tickets. These scenic spots are not big. Each scenic spot can buy tickets separately, but I don't think it's worth it. I suggest buying a joint ticket, 100 yuan / person. There are sun Guangyan, Qin garden, Shuzhuang Garden (Piano Museum), lettering hall, Haoyue garden and Organ Museum. Every scenic spot is a good place to take photos. You can have a general view of kulangsu Island, and you can enjoy the combination of art and classic.

2. As for the walking route on the island, it's really unnecessary to worry too much. Kulangsu can be painted everywhere, and wherever you go can be a unique background in the photo. So please take your camera and take photos; take your eyes and watch freely; take your mood and fly freely.

3. A lot of food, drink and play on the island. It's recommended to taste fresh coconuts, mangoes, famous Miss Zhao, Zhang Sanfan milk tea, etc. and sell octopus balls made by hand at the gate of an unknown local house. It's 10 yuan and 7 pieces. It's delicious to explode. I believe that if you are a foodie, you can always find different characteristics.

4. The comrades who want to bring special products also have special special shops, some of which can also pack mail; the passengers who take children at last can also play with the underwater world, which is not far from the return port. The tickets of the underwater world are not in the joint ticket, so they have to buy another one.