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What are the pedestrian streets in Wuhan? You can't miss the four streets in Wuhan

Now it is the peak time of Wuhan tourism. When you come to Wuhan for tourism, you must visit these four pedestrian streets when you have time. Those four streets can be said to be the most classic four pedestrian streets in Wuhan. Who are the four pedestrian streets?

1. Optical valley pedestrian street

Guanggu pedestrian street is located in Luxiang square, Wuchang, Wuhan city. It can be reached by Metro Line 2. Is a set of shopping consumption, catering entertainment, fitness. Hotel and other comprehensive commercial pedestrian street. Wuhan's busiest pedestrian street with the most traffic is Guanggu. I remember that when I go to school, I always go to Guanggu from time to time to stroll down the street. There are all kinds of food, drink and play here. You can eat first. There are many snacks on the third floor and the fourth floor. If you want to eat in a larger store, there are many restaurants. After dinner, you can sing and watch movies in the neighborhood. The giant screen cinema is nearby, and there are many KTVs. There are many video game cities that young people like. Often some young people dance on the dance machine. Many people watch and the scene is very good. Then there are Italian style street, German style street, Spanish style street, etc. the street is open and bright, suitable for walking and shopping slowly, and there are more people on weekends. There are also some dessert shops, manicure shops, jewelry shops and so on that girls like. The decoration is very exquisite. In the light valley pedestrian street in the evening, the scenery is even better. The color lights are on everywhere. I feel that there is a festival atmosphere all the time. People who like to be lively will be very happy here. There are also lighted churches, which look more sacred. In a word, it's really a good pedestrian street in Wuhan.

2. Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street

Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street is the longest pedestrian street in China, with the reputation of "the first pedestrian street in the world". It is located in the central area of Hankou, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It starts from Yanjiang Avenue in the south, runs through Zhongshan Avenue, Jinghan Avenue and Jiefang Avenue in the North, with a total length of 1600 meters. With a width of 10 to 25 meters, it is a famous century old commercial street in Wuhan, and also a 'Wuhan 20th century architecture museum'.

3. Chu River Han Street

Chu River is a river, Han street is a commercial street on the river. There is a very ancient bridge on the river. It's a long street. First, it's a long commercial street. It sells all kinds of brand clothes, cosmetics and decorations. Then it's a snack street. There are many delicious food and lots of people. Some shops need a long line because they are so famous. Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Chuhe Hanjie station. It's only a few hundred meters' walk.

4. Tanhualin

Tanhualin, a short old street, has condensed the literary and artistic feelings of Wuhan. When you enter Tanhualin, you will soon melt into a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, wrapped in a small lane with light coffee fragrance, the old people sitting in the corner chatting, and the light from all kinds of small shops.