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How to play well in Yulong Snow Mountain? Free walk or follow the group?

Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain scenic spot is a 5A level national scenic spot officially approved by the National Tourism Administration. Every year, there are many tourists to visit. So, what are the precautions for traveling to Yulong Snow Mountain? What must I know about going to Yulong Snow Mountain? Do you want to go free or follow the group?

The ticket fee of Yulong Snow Mountain is mainly divided into the following parts:

1. Large ticket (i.e. entrance fee): 130 yuan / person

2. Transportation in the scenic spot

Yulong Snow Mountain scenic area is very large, which is divided into several different scenic spots. Although tickets are not charged separately for each scenic spot, you must take sightseeing bus or cableway to get to each scenic spot

Indirect shuttle bus: 20 yuan / person

Glacier Park (cableway): 180 yuan / person, which is also the most difficult part for tourists to choose.

Blue Moon Valley battery car: 50 yuan / person, not significant, not recommended

Yakuping cableway: 60 yuan / person

Yunshanping ropeway: 55 yuan / person

There is no limit on the number of people to buy tickets at the gate of the scenic spot.

If you want to buy tickets in the scenic spots, you can pay attention to the Lijiang tourist group reservation center, the WeChat public number, which starts buying tickets every day at seven o'clock, but on the holidays, the ropeway tickets in the glacier park often have no seconds, and there is no risk of going to the Glacier Park.

3: Do you have to take the cableway to go to Yulong Snow Mountain? Can I play without sitting?

The name of Yulong Snow Mountain can be divided into broad sense and narrow sense. In a broad sense, Yulong Snow Mountain is a large scenic spot, including Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, yunshanping, yakuping and other scenic spots. The narrow sense of Yulong Snow Mountain generally refers to the Glacier Park, which is also known as the "cableway".

Glacier Park, yunshanping, yakuping, these three scenic spots need to take the shuttle bus to their cableway riding points, and then transfer to the corresponding cableway to the scenic spots.

The Blue Moon Valley can be reached directly by the shuttle bus in the scenic area. There is also a step-by-step battery car in the valley. The price is 50 yuan. It doesn't affect the play if you don't take it.

4: How to play well in Yulong Snow Mountain? Free walk or follow the group?

If you want to be free, you can choose to travel freely, but the disadvantage is that it is not so convenient in transportation and ticket purchase. And because we can't get the team price, the total cost may be a little higher than that of the team.

If you want to save yourself, choose a regular one-day tour product. The disadvantages are: first, you may be recommended to shop for a long time. Secondly, it is not free to cooperate with the tour guide.

Of course, another option is semi free travel. This product provides round-trip transportation and helps you to buy tickets and cableway tickets. After entering the scenic spot, there is no fixed itinerary and you can play according to your own plan.

5: Where is Yulong Snow Mountain worth visiting?

The core scenic spots in the scenic area mainly include Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, yunshanping and yakuping. Among the most popular are Glacier Park and blue moon valley. However, the cableway in Glacier Park is often closed due to weather and maintenance reasons, or individual passengers can't get tickets. At this time, you can go to yunshanping or yakuping, and it's also a good choice to watch the side of snow mountain.

In addition, there is a live performance of impression Lijiang in the scenic spot, which is the only one in the impression series directed by Zhang Yimou in the daytime. Under the holy Yulong Snow Mountain and on the warm red earth, the performances presented by the aboriginal actors may not be so exquisite, but they can let people get the Lijiang love and Naxi soul, which is one of the performances that can not be missed in their lives.