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What are the characteristics of Lijiang 5A Yulong Snow Mountain? Which county is Yulong Snow Mountai

Lijiang has always been known as the city of sexual encounters. It depends on your own luck to find friends who share the same interests. We all know that Lijiang is a tourist attraction. What are the characteristics of Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain as a 5A level national scenic spot? Which county is Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain located in?

Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain scenic spot is a 5A level national scenic spot officially approved by the National Tourism Administration. Located in Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, it is the southernmost snow mountain in the northern hemisphere. It is 35km long from north to south, 13km wide from east to west, covering an area of 960 square kilometers. The steep elevation of the main peak fan is 5596 meters. The alpine snow landscape is located at an altitude of more than 4000 meters, with dangerous, strange, beautiful and beautiful scenery.

As high as 18360 feet, the 13 peaks of Yulong Snow Mountain are treasures of wild plants and rare animals, like a silver dragon lying in the clouds. Awe inspiring and unconquered, they ruled the Lijiang plain. Some people describe Yulong Snow Mountain as a shining trumpet crowned with Lijiang head. Scientists say she emerged in an ancient geosyncline 230 million years ago, when dinosaurs began to grow and form the shape she is now in over 600000 years, even 12000 years ago. Storms often raged around the glaciers and silvery grey rocks of her five main peaks, as well as the eternal snow plain. She is a sanctuary for animals who don't know the smell of human beings. She is also an old flower kingdom when Babylon garden was newly built. In the alpine meadows on her low slopes, lonely herdsmen sing their goats and set wild echoes with the music of their reed pipes.

Yulong Snow Mountain is located in Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. It is the southernmost snow mountain in China, and also the Hengduan Mountain at the south foot of the famous Saluli mountain. It is the largest snow mountain in China. The southernmost part of the northern hemisphere. It is 35 kilometers long from north to south, 13 kilometers wide from east to west, covering an area of 525 square kilometers. The mountain snow area is located at an altitude of 4000 meters. It is famous for its steep, special and beautiful scenery. The temperature difference between the foothills and the mountains is very large, and the ground coverage is also different, just like a different world, without any vitality and full of vitality.

She is a paradise for botanists, a kingdom of herbs. Of the 13000 plants in Yunnan, more than half can be found in Yulong Snow Mountain, and there are 400 kinds of trees. 20 high quality forest communities. Trees such as fir, dragon spruce, Chinese hemlock, Chinese larch and camphor are planted on her hillside. She has more than 50 kinds of azaleas, 60 kinds of primroses, 8 kinds of poppies and 20 kinds of lilies, 4 kinds of peonies, 5 kinds of Camellia, 50 kinds of Gentiana, 6 kinds of begonias. From April to June, azaleas turn mountains into colorful colors. In autumn, rough blue gentian flowers cover her swamp. For ten months of the year, she bloomed with flowers. She is a rare tea, wild snow tea, which Naxi people insist is good for high blood pressure. It matures in winter, and Naxi men, women, and children flock to the mountains in November, December, and January to pick. When it's dry, it's like a dry Apple strip that turns white in the sun.

The mountain is also a sanctuary for animals, many of which are rare animals living at different temperature levels. She is home to 30 kinds of animals under national protection, such as wild ass, Yunnan golden monkey, little panda, forest musk deer, clouded leopard, blood pheasant, Silver Pheasant, spot, etc. Pale yellow civet. Ganhaizi is an open grassland on the east side of Yulong Snow Mountain, about 4 kilometers long, 1.5 kilometers wide and 3100 meters above sea level. From Ganhaizi meadow to 4500m snow line, you can see all kinds of trees and flowers, orchids, wild peonies, snow lotus, etc. Yulong Snow Mountain is one of the protected natural reserves in Yunnan Province. People who make scientific investigations, collect animal and plant specimens, take photos and make films will be charged a certain fee. Yulong Snow Mountain has not been conquered by human beings, although the mountaineering teams from the United States, Japan, China and other countries have tried.

She is an awe inspiring mountain, a fantastic mountain. She even had green, glittering snow. If you look west, you can see it from yunshanping (dragon spruce meadow). The only explanation for its appearance is that it may be caused by crystals or algae. She has a glacier at the lowest altitude in China, 7.5 miles wide and 21.7 miles long. She has attracted the attention of many scholars and travelers. As early as 1837, the French writer bacier introduced Yulong Snow Mountain in his famous book "universe". Seven years ago, the president of the international mountain region led a team to the mountain for field work. In Lijiang, you can have a magnificent view of Yulong Snow Mountain. The main peak breaks into the clouds, the old man peak on the right and the black snow peak on the left.

From Ganhaizi to yushanping, there is a deep valley with dense trees and clear streams. The long river under the valley is called Baishui River. Because of the bed of the river, the platform is made of white marble and Carboniferous gravel, which looks gray white; the river flows out of the stone and shows white, because its color is named 'Baishui River'. The water of Baishui River comes from the melting water of ice and snow which is four or five kilometers high. It is cool and pollution-free. It is a natural cold drink. The color of Baishui River will change due to the weather. On a sunny day, the water is milky white, and it will turn blue again in rainy days. Because the valley is crescent shaped, it is also called blue moon valley.

Generally speaking, visitors to Yulong Snow Mountain will choose to stay in Lijiang ancient city. Lijiang ancient city has many characteristic hotels, guesthouses and hotels. Lijiang ancient city is such a place, if a visit will stay for half a month, most tourists to Lijiang will choose to stay in hotels. There are many traditional Naxi and Bai traditional hotels. People can enjoy the sunshine in the hotel, chat with the shopkeeper for a day, or stay in the shopkeeper's room to watch the video of the day. People who want a better living environment can also choose to live in Shuhe ancient town.

The typical tourist route is Lijiang Glacier Park Blue Moon Valley Ganhaizi. For cableway, people can choose yunshiping cableway or yakuping cableway. Starting from Baishui River, people can take yunshanping cableway to the mountain. It is not recommended for tourists to ride up the mountain. Riding cannot reach the snow line, Ganhaizi and blue moon valley. Yulong Snow Mountain can ski all the year round. People can take a closed cable car to the four seasons ski resort at the altitude of 4506.