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When does cherry blossom bloom in Hangzhou Prince Bay? How long does it last?

Hangzhou's oldest flower viewing resort. Most of the cherry trees here are seedlings planted in 1988, about 1200. In Prince Wan Li, there are both Japanese morning cherry and Japanese evening cherry. Japan's early cherry is not uncommon, but to pay more attention to Japan's late cherry, that is, the famous double petal cherry, with many petals, overlapping, very full. The most charming thing is that when you go to Prince's Bay in spring, you will see cherry blossoms and tulips. So, when is the cherry blossom season in Hangzhou Taiziwan?

[address] in the southwest corner of West Lake, under the litchi peak of Nanping mountain

[transportation] take Y2 Road, y6 Road, Y7 Road, 514 (section) road, Y9 Road, 822 / k822 Road, Y3 Road, J9 Road, k504 Road, Y1 Road, k315 Road, K4 Road, and get off at 'SUDI' station

Free admission

The best way to enjoy flowers in Taiziwan, Hangzhou

Regional division of the whole park:

1. The park is divided into three scenic spots, namely, the East, the middle and the West.

2. The Eastern scenic spots are wangshanping, yileyuan, etc.

3. The central scenic spot is dominated by Pipa island and jadeite garden.

The best way to enjoy flowers:

1. Nanshan Road, Taiziwan gate & rarr; welcome Pavilion & rarr; wangshanping & rarr; windmill & rarr; qingwanting & rarr; leisurely Pavilion & rarr; Jiuyao Feiying & rarr; xiaoyaopo & rarr; Chapel & rarr; Nanshan Road;

2. Zhang Taiyan tomb + Memorial & rarr; Zhang cangshui tomb & rarr; windmill & rarr; wangshanping & rarr; qingwanting & rarr; pearl curtain wall & rarr; leisurely Pavilion & rarr; Jiuyao Feiying & rarr; xiaoyaopo & rarr; Tianyuantai & rarr; lanyingxuan & rarr; yuanyuanwu & rarr; Chapel & rarr; sculpture & rarr; exit of Nanshan Road;

Flowering period of Taiziwan, Hangzhou

1、 Cherry Blossom


① Mainly from mid to late March to early April

② Early cherry blossoms usually bloom in late February and end in mid March.

Features: Hangzhou's oldest cherry viewing resort, with thousands of cherry trees in Tokyo, Japan, in full bloom.


① 17 early cherry trees beside the waterfall south of wangshanping

② There are more than 700 cherry trees, some of which are concentrated on the riverside of the lake, some of which are dotted with mountains.

2、 Magnolia

Flowering: April

Location: grandmother Bridge

3、 February orchid

Flowering: March to early April

Location: north side of the park, near Nanshan Road, planted hundreds of square meters of February orchid;

4、 Narcissus

Flowering: between March and April

Location: grandmother bridge and curved bridge have concentrated water system;

5、 Tulip

Flowering: mid March to early April

Location: the first tulip 5 ℃ ball that opens every year will come to the welcome Pavilion. It is mostly planted in the Xiaoyao slope, wangshanping, grandmother bridge of the park, and some scattered around the water system.