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How many months does cherry blossom bloom in Pingba farm? What's the best viewing time?

It can be said that every March is the season of cherry blossom. The cherry blossom in Pingba farm is already in full bloom. It looks beautiful from a distance. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the cherry blossom Pingba farm is located on the edge of Hongfeng Lake, the Pearl of the plateau. It covers an area of more than 24000 mu. It is located in the middle of Guiyang and Anshun, about 50 kilometers away from each other. The transportation is very convenient. So, how many months does cherry blossom bloom in Pingba farm? When is the best viewing time?

Pingba cherry farm has planted nearly 700000 precious cherry trees, covering an area of more than 24000 mu, which can be regarded as a large area and density. Few tourists know about this place. Basically, only this person knows about it. Last year, a group of photos of Huahai airlines in Southwest China released by BBC surprised many netizens, which made people know that there were places in China where cherry blossom is not inferior to that of Japan Square.

The cherry blossoms planted in the park are divided into early cherry and late cherry. The first one is white early cherry. The late cherry is about two weeks later than the early cherry. The time of enjoying flowers lasts from the first day of March to the first ten days of April. When cherry blossom is in full bloom, the sea of flowers is endless. Between the blue sky and clear water, the pink and white cherry blossom, like the clouds of flowers, floats here. It's hard to find water and flowers with such a huge area.

Walking into the cherry trees, the wind blows, and the petals are splashed from the branches, which shows the reality that red falling is not a ruthless thing, but a more protective scene of spring mud. You can touch the petal rain with your hand. It's hard to have a good time with your friends, sitting and chatting in the shade. Of course, because the park is huge, and most of the places can't drive into it all by walking, so it's necessary to be prepared to go and enjoy flowers.

Now Pingba cherry blossom is famous outside. Every March and April, it attracts countless people to drive there. To feel the beautiful combination of water, ceiling and sea. There are more and more people going to take pictures. The huge flow of people also leads to the inconvenience of parking in the park. If you are in a resort where you can't leave the flower and the sea, experience this unforgettable flower viewing trip, you should go as early as possible.

There are early cherry and late cherry. According to the different climate of each year, there are cherry blossoms in Guiyang from the beginning of March to the beginning of April. However, in recent years, with global warming, cherry blossoms are blooming earlier. Generally speaking, the middle of March is the best time to visit, and the climate is not cold or hot. Cherry blossom is also the most brilliant time.