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What are the places where you can't go to Japan without hot springs?

There are many advantages of soaking in hot spring. Soaking in hot spring can cure dry itch of skin, and has the functions of moisturizing and cold prevention. The hot springs in Japan are also famous in the world, so we should not only enjoy cherry blossoms but also take hot springs to visit Japan. So, what are the hot springs in Japan? How many hot springs are there in Hokkaido?

1. Dengbie hot spring

Dengbie hot spring is the best and most popular hot spring in Japan, known as "Japan's first soup". Dengbie is backed by a semi active volcano. The hot spring water comes from digaogu. It is most famous for its sulfur hot spring, which guarantees' pure nature '. The greatest effect of hot spring water - health care, in dengbie hot spring is the most incisive embodiment. Abundant geothermal and various trace elements left over from volcanic activities make spring water have unique effects to alleviate or treat many diseases. Even the Japanese, who are very familiar with the local area, are very considerate of dengbie hot spring.

In Japan, Jigen and dengbie are the only places with high-grade hot springs. Even more, many Japanese come to Hokkaido not for skiing, but for visiting other hot springs. In short, in Japan, don't hot spring = Advanced!

2. Dingshanxi hot spring

Dingshanxi in the southwest of Sapporo is known as dingshanxi hot spring street because there are about 56 natural springs gushing out of the rock gap at the bank or bottom of the river. The hot spring in dingshanxi is characterized by colorless, transparent, thick and salty (sodium chloride spring), which is one of the most popular hot springs in Japan. When bathing, the salt is attached to the skin, effectively preventing the evaporation of sweat, bringing you warmth from inside to outside.

3. Dongye Lake

In addition to the effect of health care, Japanese hot springs also have another major feature: beauty! If we say that the "golden age beauty" of Hokkaido hot spring industry, it must be Dongye lake.

Dongye lake is a sunken lake formed by volcanic eruption about 110000 years ago. It is also the highest frozen lake in Japan. There is also an active volcano that still emits white smoke nearby -- Zhaohe Xinshan, which can be described as a real "lake and mountain". In winter, Zhaohe new mountain is covered with pure white snow, but the water of Dongye lake is still sparkling. The water is broad, the mountain is wide, the sky is high, the clouds are light, the beautiful scenery is infinite.