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What are the fun places in Nagano? Changye hot spring is a miracle

Nagano, this place name is too strange for foreigners, but in fact, Nagano is the favorite tourist place of Japanese, and only the local people know the hidden charm of Nagano. So, in Nagano tourism, what are the attractions worth visiting?

Nagano is a popular skiing area in Japan. You can enjoy skiing, snowboat and other sports. Changye has convenient transportation. The famous ski resorts include ludaogun ski resort, Baima koruchina international ski resort, Baima Yanyue ski resort, Baima bafangweigen ski resort, etc. The number of ski resorts is second only to Hokkaido, ranking second in Japan.

In addition, the holding of Nagano Winter Olympic Games has made Nagano famous. Every year, a large number of Japanese come here for skiing.

Different ski resorts are different in terms of snow quality and gradient, while Baima ski resort is the most famous. The secret is the powder snow quality of Baima ski resort! Unlike the new snow and the knee deep snow, the pink snow is a dry snow with little water content, with clear spots. Like flour, English is called "powder snow". The water bearing snow is suitable for snowmen and snowball fights, while the powder snow is not easy to condense. It is soft and elastic to step on it with feet or snowboard.

After a day's skiing, the best way to eliminate fatigue is to soak in hot springs. Baigu hot spring has been famous for its spirit spring effect of "three days of hot spring, three years without cold" since ancient times. Many guests come here to receive spa treatment.

Baigu hot spring is located on the high mountain with an altitude of 1400 meters. It enjoys the beautiful scenery while soaking in the hot spring.

Access to hot springs in Suwa is convenient. It takes 150 minutes by shinkansen from Tokyo (Shinjuku) and 135 minutes from Nagoya. With abundant hot springs, it is the leading hot spring resort in Japan, and there are many ancient hot spring hotels, modern hotels with etiquette and Hotels with local customs.

Tourists can enjoy the hot spring health care facilities here and don't have to worry about the time. Because there is a hot spring here for daily return, this service is very thoughtful!

Digaogu hot spring is one of the nine most famous hot springs in Japan. It's famous not because the hot spring here is special, but because of monkeys.

The story is like this. It is said that several decades ago, it was not known which monkey suddenly opened up and went into the hot spring to soak with human beings. Later, considering the safety and health of the pool where human beings and monkeys live together, people rebuilt a hot spring pool nearby for monkeys to enjoy. At present, there are about 160 wild monkeys here. They have different temperaments, and each monkey has its own name.

Look at these Japanese macaques, whose heads are still covered with ice, soaking in hot springs, their faces are full of happiness and intoxication.

In such a hot soup pool, monkeys can't stay too long. They jump out of the pool from time to time, run to the ground wet to find food, and even fight on the swing. It's very interesting.

You can't find a monkey like this all over the world!