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Where is the best place to enjoy cherry blossom in Shanghai? Gucun park can be called a cherry bloss

It may have become common sense for people to enjoy cherry blossom in Wuda, but it also causes that there are more tourists in Wuda every year. In fact, why do you want to see cherry blossom in another place? Gucun Park in Shanghai is the best place to enjoy cherry blossom in spring. When the cherry blossom is in full bloom, there are a large number of tourists coming to see the cherry blossom. The whole park is very beautiful. It's not a good choice to come here for an outing in the cherry blossom season. What is the opening time of cherry blossom and the ticket price of Gucun park?

Time of cherry blossom in Gucun Park

Gucun park is a relatively large park in Shanghai. There are more than 1200 mu of cherry trees, 12000 cherry trees and 82 varieties. When you come here to see cherry trees, you can enjoy the cherry trees. Generally, the best viewing period is from the middle of March to the middle of April. At that time, there will be a Cherry Blossom Festival. In addition to cherry trees, there are other theme parks in the park You can play, and you can participate in some activities that you are interested in. During the viewing period, there are many self driving tourists. It's more convenient to take line 7.

Ticket price of Gucun Park

Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket office. The price of tickets is 20 per adult ticket. If there is a student card, you can enjoy half price discount. If you are 60-64 years old, you can enjoy 20% discount. If you are under 1.3m and 65 years old, you can enjoy free tickets. There are five cherry viewing areas in Gucun Park, which are: country forest park, forest sports park, children's forest Carnival and forest walk park No. 3 gate, when the time comes, you can go directly to these parks to see cherry blossoms. Remember to take more photos to record the beautiful scenery at this moment.

It's not easy to see such a large cherry forest in Shanghai. Cherry lovers must not miss this wonderful place in March. Besides cherry blossom, it's also a good place to enjoy lotus in summer. At that time, Lotus Festival will also be held.