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Is Sanya Yalong Bay fun? Sanya Yalong Bay tour introduction

Sanya has always been a popular tourist destination in China. Sanya is located in the prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province, which belongs to the tropical oceanic monsoon climate. You can feel the beach and water quality like foreign countries without going abroad. Among them, Yalong Bay is one of the most popular places in Sanya. Is Yalong Bay fun? Are there any interesting things in Yalong Bay?

Yalong Bay is the most popular tourist destination in Sanya except Wuzhizhou island. Many friends like to travel and play here. The sea water here is blue and clear, with high visibility. The sand is white as jade. The annual average sea water temperature here is about 22-25.1 & deg; C, and it can swim all year round. It was named one of the eight bays in China by National Geographic magazine. In addition, there are various luxury villas and resorts in Yalong Bay, and many international famous hotels are available for selection, such as Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Ritz Carlton, etc. because the coast is the real charm of these hotels, the water quality of Yalong Bay has been the best protection from maintenance to use, and the ecological environment is excellent.

There are many interesting places in Yalong Bay, which can be divided into four parts in general. Apart from beaches and hotels, there are also sea sports and scenic spots. You have to marvel at the sea sports in Yalong Bay. This is also one of the earliest sea sports centers in Sanya. The water quality of Yalong Bay is clear throughout the year, which is very suitable for diving. With the continuous development of scenic spots After that, we introduced motorboats, banana boats, flying fish, sea fishing, parasols, semi submersible sightseeing boats and other marine entertainment projects. At the same time, there are three scenic spots in Yalong Bay Resort, namely Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, Yalong Bay love cube coastal park and Yalong Bay International Rose Valley. Friends can choose to visit as they like.

If you want to go to Sanya in the new year, you may need to make a good plan in advance, because you have to buy a ticket or hold a group early, but it is not recommended to hold a group, because the first is that you can't play well, the second is that you may live in a poor and expensive place. So we must buy the past air tickets in advance. When we get to Sanya, we don't choose to live in places like business circles or seaside. The price must be very expensive. We can choose to live in Sanya. Although it's not comfortable to live in the seaside, it's cost-effective (local tyrants are free). Besides, there are beaches not far away from Sanya. There are many people walking on them. Three meals a day can be used as a neutral choice. No Eat seafood every day. At this time, the price of seafood is much higher than usual. When you go out to play, try to find some distant and quiet beach. In this way, the experience of going out will be higher.

The questions about Sanya Yalong Bay are introduced here for my friends. If there is a little partner who is going to Sanya for vacation, Yalong Bay will be a good choice.