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When is the best tourist season in Xiangyang? Common sense of Xiangyang Tourism

Xiangyang City belongs to an old city, because Xiangyang's old age also attracts many tourists to come here for tourism. There are many distinctive buildings here, which can be photographed with cameras or SLR. So, when is the best tourist season in Xiangyang? Xiangyang tourism must have common sense?

When is the best tourist season in Xiangyang?

Best travel time: spring and autumn.

Xiangyang tourism must have common sense

1. The general climate of Xiangyang is cold in winter, with continuous low temperature, rain, snow and freezing disaster; warm in spring, with local strong convective weather; low temperature, heavy rainfall and disaster in summer; high temperature, low rainfall in autumn.

2. When traveling to Hubei, the bus should be used, and the change and big money should be placed separately. Don't put them in disorder. Do not touch or take out your wallet to have a look from time to time, which is often more unsafe.

3. When traveling to Hubei, I heard someone knock at the hotel. I have to ask clearly before I decide whether to open the door or not. Valuables should be stored in the deposit place, especially when sharing a room with strangers. Don't talk to someone you just met about how much cash or valuables you have with you. If the other person is particularly enthusiastic, be more alert.

4. If there is a rainstorm in Wudang Mountain, you must avoid it. Because rainstorm and thunderstorm are often connected together. If rainstorm causes mud and stone, thunderstorm is often used as a rolling mine, which is easy to hurt people. When touring, try to 'walk without seeing the scenery, and look without walking', so as not to fall down accidentally.

5. As a guest in Tujia mountain people's home, eating is very exquisite. The host serves dinner for the guest, only a little at a time. After a while, before the meal in the guest's bowl is finished, the host grabs the bowl in the guest's hand, pours out the rice in the bowl, and refills the hot meal. This is also the case in hot days, so as to show the host's enthusiasm and family wealth.

6. In the process of rafting, because there are many falling areas and large drop areas, do not carry anything that cannot touch the water and valuables to avoid falling or damage. When passing through the dangerous beach, the drifting boat should obey the command of the staff, grasp the safety rope, tighten the feet, and lean towards the center of the boat. If the boat capsizes, there is no need to panic, because the lifejacket is worn.