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How long is the flowering period of Japanese cherry? An inventory of cherry blossom viewing places i

Cherry Blossom originated from the temperate zone around Himalayas in the northern hemisphere, grows all over the world, mainly in Japan. In the spring, the whole Japan presents a pink romantic atmosphere, which absolutely satisfies all your fantasies about cherry blossom. At the same time, because Sakura is the national flower of Japan, the Japanese Sakura is the most favorite place for flower watchers. So, when do cherry blossoms usually bloom? How long will it last?

The cherry blossom period is relatively short. There is a saying in Japan: "cherry blossom on the 7th", that is, one Cherry Blossom lasts about 7 days from opening to withering, and the whole cherry tree lasts about 16 days from flowering to withering, forming the characteristics of Cherry Blossom opening and falling. Cherry Blossom opens in March.

1. Okinawa, Shizuoka

Best viewing time: late January to late February

Cherry Variety: Hanfei cherry

Best cherry viewing place:

1) Okinawa famous city protection site

Minghu city site is located in the center of Okinawa Island and on the hills of Minghu city. It is the place with the largest number of cherry blossoms in Japan. At present, about 20000 cherry trees have been planted. In late January, crimson cherry blossoms are in full bloom, with thick pink flowers. In addition to the beautiful cherry blossom scenery, Minghu city block and Minghu Bay, the magnificent scenery of Shanyuan can also be seen from the broad vision of the prospect platform.

[flowering] late January to mid February

[address] Okinawa County Minghu City Minghu

[transportation] about 5 minutes walk from Minghu waiting building to Minghu city entrance

2) Shizuoka Izu Peninsula

Japan's first cherry blossom blooms in the Izu Peninsula, and the most concentrated place is around the Hejin railway station. Around February every year, the cherry blossoms in Hejin will bloom one after another. The flowers are big, dark and very gorgeous. In the evening, there will be a night cherry watching activity.

[flowering] early to late February (night view)

[address] Izu Hejin Town, Shizuoka County

[transportation] take the Jr Donghaidao express train from 'Tokyo' station to 'Hejin' station, or transfer to Izu express at 'Rehai' station of the Shinkansen of Donghaidao to 'Hejin' station. What are the cherry blossom viewing places in Tokyo, Japan?

2, Tokyo

Best viewing time: late March to late April

Cherry varieties: Ranjing Yoshino, yamasakura, lisakura, etc

Best viewing place:

1) xinsuyuyuan

Shinjuku Yuyuan is the largest Japanese garden and French garden in Tokyo. It is located in the center of the city and covers an area of about 58 hectares. There are 75 varieties and 1500 cherry blossoms in it. Different varieties of cherry blossoms open like relay events, making the flowering period here relatively as long as one month.

[flowering] mid February to early April

[address] Naito Town, Shinjuku District, Tokyo

[transportation] take Jr Shanshou line to shinjukusta station, and walk for about 10 minutes. Or take the subway inner line to Xinxiu Yuyuan station, and walk for 5 minutes.

2) Shangye Park

Ueno Park is the most famous cherry viewing resort in Tokyo and the largest park in Japan. There are 1200 cherry trees in the park. At this time of the year, Cherry Blossom Festival is held. From dusk to 20:00, night lights are lit in the garden to reflect the cherry blossom. It's very touching.

[flowering] late March to late April

[address] Shangye Park, Taitung District, Tokyo 7-47

[traffic] on Jr line, you can't bear to walk for 1 minute.

3) qianniayuan

Only next to Ueno Park, Tokyo is a cherry resort. During the cherry blossom season, 800 cherry trees are planted in the path of Yoshio Nagai and Sakura Yamagata. The night cherry feast is also very prosperous and beautiful.

[flowering] late March to early April (night watch)

[address] 1-1, beizhiwan Park, Chiyoda District, Tokyo

[transportation] what are the places where we can enjoy cherry blossom in Kyoto, Japan for 3 minutes?

3. Kyoto, Nara

Best viewing time: late March to late April

Cherry varieties: Prunus Prunus, Prunus chengshanensis, Yushi cherry, etc

Best viewing place:

1) Qingshui temple, Kyoto

In the spring, the grand Qingshui temple is surrounded by more than 1000 blooming cherry trees, as if trapped in a sea of pink clouds. At night, all the lights are on, and the Qingshui temple in the night is dotted like a dream.

[flowering] late March to early April (night watch)

[address] Qingshui 1-294, Dongshan District, Fujing City, Kyoto

[transportation] transfer from Jr 'Kyoto' station to Shiying bus 206 system and get off at 'Qingshui road' station for about 10 minutes, and get off at 'wutiaosan' station for about 20 minutes

2) Kyoto Yuanshan Park

The most famous cherry blossom scenic spot in Kyoto, with a long history of more than 200 years, is a precious variety of cherry blossom. 'sakura at night' is the finale of flower viewing season, so the park is also designated as a national scenic spot.

[flowering] late March to late April

[address] Babo Yuanshan, Dongshan District, Fujing City, Kyoto, zuojing District, Fujing City, Kyoto

[transportation] about 15 minutes by bus at Jr Kyoto Station

3) mount Jiye, Nara County

Japan's most representative cherry viewing resort. Because it is said that the city cherry is a tree inhabited by gods, its number is gradually increasing. Mainly urban cherry trees, about 30000 cherry trees are in full bloom all over the mountain. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, cherry trees gradually open, "one eye, one thousand trees". There are also Japanese hotels in the mountains that can enjoy hot springs.

[flowering] early to mid April (night watch)

[address] Jiye Town, Jiye County, Nara County

[transportation] what are the places for cherry blossom viewing in Osaka, Japan, from "Abe Ye bridge" station to "Jin Ji Ye" station, then transfer to air crane to "Jiye mountain" station?

4, Osaka

Best viewing time: late March to mid April

Cherry varieties: Ranjing Yoshino cherry, Guanshan cherry, etc

Best viewing place:

1) Tianshou Pavilion, Osaka City Park

About 4300 cherry trees open around Osaka City. The best place to enjoy cherry trees is the observation platform on the eighth floor of Tianshou Pavilion. It can not only overlook Osaka City, but also take a panoramic view of the gorgeous cherry trees in Osaka City. More than 600 cherry trees are planted in the pill garden in the west of Tianshou Pavilion, and the "Cherry night" is held in the first ten days of April every year.

[flowering] late March to early April

[address] No.1, No.1, Osaka City, Central District, Osaka City

[transportation] Jr Osaka Ring Road 'Osaka City Park Station' Sengong station 'hike for about 15-20 minutes

2) Sakura passage of Osaka Prefecture MINT

There are about 120 varieties and 370 cherry trees in Osaka Prefecture, including Guanshan, Puxian Xiang, Songyue, honghandball, Zhishan, Huangying and Yangguifei. Every year around the middle of April, the 560 meter channel from the South Gate (one side of tianmanqiao) to the north gate (one side of Yingqiao) will be opened to the public for one week in accordance with the flowering time of cherry blossom in that year.

[flowering] mid April

[address] Tianman 1-1-79, Shibei District, Osaka

[transportation] what are the places of cherry blossom in Japan for 15 minutes walk from "Sakura Palace Station" of JR Osaka circular line?

5. Ganlu City, Hyogo County, XiongBen city and Okazaki City, Aichi County

Best viewing time: late March - first and middle April

Cherry varieties: Ranjing Yoshino, Sakura, etc

Best viewing place:

1) kualucheng

Japan's representative urban architecture, nearly 1000 cherry trees decorate it with colorful, let people feel a 14 century military supremacy. All kinds of cherry blossoms compete for splendor, presenting an extremely elegant and moving landscape against the snow-white wall.

[flowering] early to mid April (night watch)

[address] honcho, Tanlu, Hyogo County

[traffic] about 15 minutes' walk from the station of "Xi Road" of JR Shinkansen (part of the trains do not stop) and the station of "Xi Road" of JR Shanyang line

2) Kumamoto City

As one of the three famous cities in Japan, GUI is known as an impregnable city. The ancient city has been built for more than 400 years, with about 800 cherry trees competing for splendor here. The square in front of Tianshou Pavilion will be open at night in cherry blossom season.

[flowering] late March to early April (night watch)

[address] 1-1 benwan, XiongBen City, XiongBen County

[transportation] take the streetcar of XiongBen city at Jr XiongBen station for about 15 minutes and walk to the station in front of XiongBen city for about 5 minutes

3) Okazaki Park

Around 1700 cherry trees bloom in the flower season in Okazaki Park in Okazaki city around Nagoya. Especially along the river and the cherry blossom channel, the most suitable for walking.

[flowering] late March to early April (night watch)

[address] 561, Kangsheng Town, Okazaki City, Aichi County, i.e. around the IHE kawabati

[transportation] at Jr Nagoya station, change to Nagoya line, get off at 'tokokaki' station and walk for about 15 minutes. What are the places for cherry blossom viewing in Northeast Japan?

6. Hokkaido, Northeast China

Best viewing time: late April to late May

Cherry varieties: Thousand Island cherry, blood cherry, etc

Best viewing place:

1) Sapporo songqian Park

Matsumoto Park in Sapporo, Hokkaido, is one of the most famous cherry viewing places in Japan. There are 250 kinds of cherry blossoms and more than 10000 cherry blossoms blooming almost at the same time, which is quite spectacular. The cherry blossom Avenue, which is 12 meters wide and 7 kilometers long, located in jingnei Town, was selected as Hokkaido heritage site.

[flowering] late April to late May (night watch)

[address] Songcheng, songqianding, songqian County, Hokkaido

[transportation] take the bus to songqian at the 'mugunai' station of JR River difference line about 90 minutes to get off at the 'Songcheng' station and walk for about 7 minutes

2) hanguan wulingguo Park

Wulengguo is a city built in the present Hokkaido Hakodate city in the Edo era of Japan. It is a famous cherry blossom viewing resort in Japan and the first western style castle in Japan. In the evening, you can also go to the top of hanguan mountain to watch the night view of hanguan, which is known as one of the three night views in the world.

[flowering] from the end of April to the end of May

[address] 43-9, wulingguoting, hanguan City

[transportation] take the city electricity, get off at wulingguo Park and walk for 15 minutes

3) Hongqian Park, Qingsen County

The most representative cherry viewing resort in Northeast China. Around Hongqian City, which was built in the 17th century, cherry blossoms are graceful. Among about 2600 cherry trees, there are many ancient trees over 100 years. Night lighting, the ancient city and cherry blossom complement each other, romantic and charming.

[flowering] from the end of April to the first ten days of may (with lighting)

[address] Baiyin Town, Dazi, Hongqian City, Qingsen County

[transportation] take the bus at Hongqian station of JR Aoyu line for about 15 minutes and get off at the entrance of the park in front of the Municipal Service Center