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When does tulip open? What is the flower language of tulip?

Tulip is one of the famous flowers in China, especially when the flowers are blooming, it has a high ornamental value. At the same time, tulip belongs to the sun loving plant. It enters the blooming period at about 8 o'clock in the morning. The flowers are large and gorgeous. The main colors are yellow, white and red. It is one of the most beautiful flowers in spring. So, when do tulips bloom and what is tulip flower language?

Tulip is a kind of beautiful flower viewing plant, and also one of the flowers cultivated in many family gardening. If you want to see the most beautiful tulip, you need to know when the tulip will bloom. In fact, it usually blooms in the most beautiful 4-5 of spring every year, mainly at about 8 o'clock in the morning when it enters the blooming period. When it blooms, it gives people a sense of Indescribability.

When tulip blooms, each flower has 3-5 rose petals overlapped, the flowers are large and gorgeous, and the colors are rich and diverse. As long as there is yellow and white in common, it looks like walking into a sea of flowers from afar. Especially in the heyday, it is one of the most beautiful flowers to bloom in spring.

Because of its beautiful flower shape, tulip has more than 8000 varieties in the world. Among them, red, yellow and purple have always been popular with people. Moreover, tulip belongs to long sunshine plants and flowers. It likes to grow in a warm and windward environment, and the adaptability of the plants is very strong. Even in cold winter, as long as a layer of thick snow is covered on the surface of the basin soil, it can survive the winter safely. What is the flower language of tulip?

What is the flower language of tulip?

Tulip flower language: love, fraternity, consideration, elegance, wealth, charity, reputation, beauty, blessing, eternity, expression of love and eternal blessing. The most commonly used flower language should be: beauty, blessing and eternity

1. Beauty: its flowers open at the top of the plant, which is particularly beautiful against the background of the surrounding branches and leaves. So its flower language is "beautiful". It can represent beautiful things in the world, and of course, it can also represent beautiful people.

2. Blessing: because it is very beautiful, people in ancient times would take it off and send it to the people around them to bless them. It also has the flower language of "blessing".

3. Eternity: it also has the flower language of "eternity", which is suitable for giving to beautiful people and expressing the meaning of wishing them beautiful forever. Different colors and expressions

Flower language of various varieties

1. Purple: it looks very beautiful in purple. Its flower language is "endless love", "favorite".

2. White: the white one looks very clean. Its flower language is' pure and pure love '.

3. Black: it looks strange and mysterious, but it is also beautiful. Its flower language is' noble 'and' mysterious'.

4. Red: the red one is more common, and its flower language is "love confession", which is more suitable for lovers to give to each other.

5. Pink: pink is very delicate and beautiful. Its flower language is "eternal love", which is also suitable for lovers.

6. Yellow: the yellow one looks very sunny, which symbolizes a person's bright personality. So its flower language is' cheerful '.