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What's good about Guangzhou tourism? Necessary strategies for Guangzhou Tourism

As a well-known first tier city in China, Guangzhou's prosperity is self-evident. There are not many tourist attractions in Guangzhou, but they are also relatively famous. Because of the large number of foreign people, even if they go home, they will talk about Guangzhou. So many people outside will know that there are Baiyun Mountain, Yuexiu mountain, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Beijing Road, Shangxiajiu, Huangpu Military Academy, etc. there are various types of tourist attractions in Guangzhou, including natural landscape, scenic spots and historic sites, as well as urban prosperity It is a place with clear culture and famous dishes and snacks. So, what are the necessary things for a trip to Guangzhou?

I. suitcase or backpack (with more crotch bags)

1. Short term travel: clothes in locked suitcase + light backpack.

2. Long term travel: for a few months' travel, you need to prepare a backpack (professional bag)

Certificate and bank card

It's not necessary to say that we all know this. It's worth mentioning: provincial ID card and money can be opened separately to prevent money loss. We also have ID card and mobile phone.

1. ID card

2. Student ID card, military ID card and senior citizen ID card (tickets and tickets of the scenic spot are preferential)

3. Passport and pass

4. Bank card

III. mobile phone, camera, connecting cable and power bank

Don't take too much when flying. The security check will be buttoned up. It's good to take one with you.

Clothes and shoes

It depends on the season. Finally, check the weather ahead of time. If it's hot, you can take clothes with ultraviolet rays. If it's cold, you can take some clothes with cold resistance. I once tried to be hot in Guangzhou. When I arrived in Shanghai, I was cold to death. I was not familiar with the place and the clothes were expensive. There is also a pair of good shoes to wear, so that when you play, you can rest assured.

V. sanitary products

1. Towels and toiletries (although the hotel will have them, they will be more hygienic)

2. Tissue (it's the best to carry with you, and it's more convenient when you're in a tourist attraction)

3, skin care products, cosmetics Lip Balm

4. Sunscreen, especially in the scenic spots with large radiation like Guangzhou.

5. Hair style water

6. Male razor / female sanitary products

Vi. outdoor medicine

1. Common medicines: cold medicine, carsickness medicine, band aid.

2. High altitude response drugs: such as Rhodiola, as well as common drugs for diseases.

Drugs are sold everywhere. Bring some urgently needed ones. In case of emergency, it's convenient and the itinerary is safe.

VII. Entertainment props

Flat board, poker, books and so on, the boring time of traveling by car can be eliminated.

8. Bring some snacks and drinks that can quickly replenish energy. When you are hungry, you can eat at any time. What's more, the things in the scenic area will be cheaper if they are not found!

8. Sleeping bags or tents (those who are interested in camping can take them with them)

It's also a good thing to watch sunrise and sunset outdoors! Like Gulangyu, Huangshan, Baiyunshan, etc

This is the list of necessary items for tourism. At the end of the list, I would like to remind you that it's easy to drink less when you go out, and your head is hot when you drink. It's not good to travel in a bad mood. I hope to help some partners who are ready to travel, and I wish you a happy journey!