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What are the love shrines suitable for lovers' travel in China?

Someone once said that if you love her, you can take her to travel. You can watch the beautiful scenery walking on the beach and watching the blue sea will be the witness of your love and leave your beautiful memories. Plain life needs fun to travel together to enhance each other's feelings. So, what are the holy places for lovers to visit?

1. Sanya

Sanya has a fine weather and a beautiful and blue sea. You can stroll on the beach and look at the sea hand in hand. It must be romantic to eat Sanya's famous seafood and special food, such as brown sugar rice cake, sweet and sour powder, ginger sugar and tangyuan. Famous scenic spots include Yalong Bay, Tianya Haijiao scenic area and Wuzhizhou Island Holiday Center.

II. Lijiang ancient town

All the friends who have been to Lijiang will fall in love with this city. The scenery here is beautiful and picturesque. It's warm like spring, blue sky and white clouds all the year round. There are also many delicious food in Lijiang that can be tasted with your girlfriend, and those who like to see the snow can also go to Yulong Snow Mountain. There are many special cuisines and national characteristics in Lijiang ancient city that can be strolled for a long time.

III. Dali ancient city

Dali ancient city is a kind of ancient streets and alleys. There are shops selling special food, fresh flowers and cakes, as well as some clothing stores with national characteristics. Delicious food, such as stone pot fish, spareribs and raw meat, is not bad. It's also meaningful to walk hand in hand with your girlfriend in Dali ancient city to take photos and eat delicious food.

IV. Fenghuang ancient town

There are many interesting places to visit the ancient city of Phoenix, and the night view of the ancient city of Phoenix is super beautiful. You can stay in the ancient city and enjoy the beautiful night view by the window at night. Here is not only the beauty but also the rustic flavor. Taste the local delicacies of Phoenix, such as Phoenix ginger sugar, blood Ba duck, Phoenix bacon, etc., and wear Miao costumes to leave beautiful photos.

V. Yangshuo, Guilin

Yangshuo in Guilin is a place with beautiful scenery. The water by the river is clear and the breeze is like a fairyland. In addition to the beautiful scenery of the mountains and water, we also need to taste local specialties such as Yangshuo beer fish and zebra hotpot. The rice noodles in Guilin are also delicious.

Vi. Qinghai Lake

Located in Qinghai Province, Qinghai Lake is the largest inland lake in China. The weather here is very good, cold in winter and cool in summer. There are vast natural pastures and rich mineral resources. The main scenic spots are sun and moon mountain, Daotang River, Jinyintan grassland, xihaijun triangle city and other interesting scenic spots.

Lover's Valley

Valentine's Valley is located in Huangshan Scenic Area, where there are many color pools of different shapes and sizes. It's better to travel here in summer when it's cooler and summer. There are stone carvings, colorful pools and farmhouse music in the scenic spot. Farmhouse music everywhere shows the cultural characteristics of the effective charm of the Hui wind and wins the praise of many tourists. There are many activities held on Valentine's day, which are popular with many tourists. The main activities include large-scale series of reality shows and "warm world" to find the most beautiful love. You can also see the emblem style classical wedding.

VIII. Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is a popular tourist attraction and a holy land for lovers to visit. The famous scenic spots in Zhangjiajie include Tianmen cave glass plank road, Baofeng lake, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Huanglong cave and other local specialties, such as wild mushrooms and kiwifruit, etc., and the special delicacies include stewed chicken and duck with stone ear, stewed tofu with loach and drilling, three pot cooking in Tujia, etc.


Friends who have been to Gulangyu will be impressed. The sea there is really beautiful. If lovers go together to compare romance, they can also taste a lot of delicious local food. You hand in hand blowing the sea breeze in the seaside play, tired to Xiamen snack street to taste oyster fried and frozen, Huang Shengji dried meat and so on.

X. Yading Daocheng

The milk sea of Yading, Daocheng, is very beautiful. It's suitable for traveling from April to May. The rice city from September to October is also very beautiful. The snow mountain under the blue sky and white clouds is like a dream. It's a paradise for photography lovers. The main scenic spots are red grassland and Pearl Sea, as well as xiannairi and five color sea. The scenery is very spectacular.