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Take stock of the top ten snack streets in Wuhan, each of which is a paradise for foodies

We all know that there are some special cuisines in every place, and Wuhan is no exception. Wuhan also has many delicious places, the most famous of which are Hubu lane, Jianghan Road, Guanggu pedestrian street, etc. So, do you know any snack streets? In fact, there are ten food streets in Wuhan, which can be said to be the place where the foodies must go.

Ten snack streets in Wuhan

Ten, Wuhan new world

Wuhan Xintiandi is located at 68 Lugou Bridge Road, Jiang'an District, which is a new living area rebuilt in the old house in twentieth Century. There are many characteristic international restaurants, including Korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine, French restaurants, Thailand cuisine and other local specialties. It is a very pleasant thing for you to sit in these relatively high-class and emotional restaurants with your girlfriends.

Nine, Han Street

Hanjie is located in the bustling area of Wuchang Zhongbei Road, where there are many flagship restaurants with food characteristics. Most of them focus on Wuhan's local characteristics and gather more than 30 well-known food restaurants across the country. The consumption is a little high, but it's really delicious. The recommended food stores include Daoxiang Seafood Hotpot Restaurant, qiaocube restaurant, lady 7, the first year of blue and white in the old house and so on.

VIII. Taibei Road

There are many kinds of delicious snacks and special restaurants in this food street of Taipei road. Little blue whale's delicious and healthy dishes made of mountain delicacies have attracted numerous customers. In addition, there are also Rosa steak, Japanese restaurant, as well as Chongqing's special marinade restaurant, spicy chicken wings, brand beef tripe, Taipei roast duck and so on.

VII. Wansongyuan

Wansongyuan Road food street is a good place to eat food. It is one of the top ten snack streets in Wuhan. There are old street barbecue shops, Bali lobsters and long lines every time they come. Sea, land and air seafood are fresh and delicious. Shenji barbecue seafood is more characteristic and delicious. Thai mango dessert tastes very good.

Vi. landslide Road

The road between Wuhan Square and World Trade Plaza is landslide Road, which is a special snack world. Among them, there are also delicious snacks such as hot and sour powder, iron plate squid, Fried Bun, fancy milk cake, etc. in addition, there are also donkey meat, Kobe Steakhouse, Muslim barbecue and other special shops in Yuanmingyuan jiaozi restaurant.

V. Guanggu pedestrian street

Guanggu pedestrian street is located in Guanggu square, Luoyu Road, Wuchang. It is a very lively food world, a large-scale complex entertainment center integrating shopping, food, leisure and fitness. There are many delicious characteristic snacks in the food city on the third and fourth floors, as well as a restaurant with many characteristics in the Italian style street of German style street and an airplane restaurant.

IV. Jianghan Road

Jianghan Road is a gourmet world in Wuhan. There are always lots of people there, whether shopping or food. It's very pleasant to fly kites and take cruises near the river. Jianghan Road's delicacies include: Tu Ji oil shortcake, palace moon shrimp cake, Tu GUI Ling paste and other special restaurants, such as sea, land and air, Thai mango dessert, etc.

III. Jiqing Street

There is no high-end restaurant here, but there are many special food snacks. There are many authentic local snacks in Wuhan, such as fried bread, hot and dry noodles, paste soup rice noodles and other local snacks, which are one of the top ten snack streets in Wuhan. The shops here are often very long lines of business.

II. Qiaokou Food Street

Qiaokou food street is the longest food street in Wuhan, with a total length of 1200 meters. There are many restaurants on both sides, including home style restaurants, seafood restaurants, special hotpot restaurants, delicious snacks and so on. Thousands of restaurants and hotels are mainly located in Qiaokou Road, Qiaokou District.

I. Hubu Lane

Hubu lane is the most famous food street in Wuhan. There are many delicacies here, such as sijimei Tangbao, cailinji hot and dry noodles, laoqianji Dousi, Jingwu duck neck, Zhouhei duck, etc. in addition, there are Chenji beef noodles, xusao paste soup noodles, Li Tao Shaomai, Jinchu Tangbao and other famous dishes in Wuhan. In addition, it is a good place for entertainment and leisure.