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How to play Sanya poor tour? How much does it cost to go to Sanya for the new year?

Sanya is the most suitable city for winter in China. In the deep winter in the north, the temperature in Sanya is about 28 degrees, neither hot nor cold, and you can go to the sea. Sanya luxury travel is only for holidays. If you avoid this, you will come to Sanya at other times. So, what is the best month to travel to Sanya?

In recent years, Sanya make complaints about high seas, high prices, and seafood that are hard to eat. During the May 11 and spring festival every year, people who want to go to Sanya for vacation find that flying to Sanya from northern cities such as Beijing and Tianjin costs thousands of yuan, and a four-star and five-star hotel costs thousands of nights. A family of four wants to spend a good holiday in Sanya for the new year, and no thirty or fifty thousand people can't get down.

How to play Sanya poor tour?

1. As long as it is not a big holiday, there are many economical chain hotels within 300 meters from the beach in Sanya Bay. The price is very cheap and the living environment is good for 100-300; Five star hotels can stay for one night at 300-600, which is not available in other coastal cities.

2. There are many chain restaurants in Sanya City. In the alleys far away from the scenic spot, the food is economical. The laziest and most economical way is to order takeout at your residence. Basically, it's not expensive.

3. If you want to eat seafood, you must stay away from the scenic spot. Don't accept the recommendation of taxi drivers. Find more good ones on the Internet.

4. If you are a family tour, you should travel around several famous scenic spots in Sanya, such as Wuzhizhou Island, Yalong Bay and the ends of the earth. You'd better rent a car from the local place to play what you want, which is practical and economical.

5. When you travel to Sanya, you should have fun. Don't go with the group.