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Is Beihai Park in Beihai? Address list of Beihai Park

Beihai Park is a famous park. Many people and local residents like to visit this park. Then, do you know where Beihai is? Is Beihai Park in Beihai?

Beihai Park is located in the center of Beijing. It is a classical royal garden with the earliest construction, the most complete preservation and the most profound cultural deposition in China's existing history. Centered on the North Sea, the park is divided into four areas: North Bank scenic spot, east bank scenic spot, Qiongdao scenic spot and Tuancheng scenic spot. The vast water area is very rare in Beijing. In the evening, it is the best time to row and visit the park. You can watch the imperial architecture and sit by the lake and talk about the Royal unofficial history of the capital with the old people around you.

Several groups of courtyard gardens on the east bank, such as haopujian, huafangzhai and silkworm altar, are hidden in green pines and cypresses, which are not only full of natural interest, but also full of the charm of private gardens in the south of the Yangtze River. From east to West on the north bank, there are jingxinzhai, the Western Buddhist realm, Chengguan hall, Jiulongbi, zhanfu temple and blissful world. The Five Dragon Pavilion is dotted along the lake and skillfully integrated with the natural landscape. It is a natural landscape painting without artificial traces.