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The seven places you must play alone are decompression paradise!

Now the pressure of people's life in society has become greater and greater. Many people will choose to travel to reduce pressure, because alone, you can walk at will, spend a whole day sitting in a coffee shop, have more opportunities to know other tourists and locals, enjoy the difficult silence and have a good dialogue with your inner self. If you want to travel alone, you must not miss the following seven cities!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland has a variety of outdoor activities. Travelers who come here can find fun in every corner, and the country is often the preferred destination for solo travel. In Reykjavik, you can go to the laundromat caf & eacute;, This is a social place where tourists and locals often come to eat, wash clothes, drink coffee, read books and share travel tips.

Tips: if you're a little afraid of eating alone, the laundromat caf & eacute; It will be a good choice for your dining place. You can try to come there for lunch later, because you are likely to meet others, start talking, and even decide to have dinner and travel together.

Paris, France

Paris is full of cafes and pubs, where you can spend a whole day just drinking a cup of coffee, Orey, hot chocolate and tasting all kinds of desserts while observing the French on the road. People traveling alone can choose to go to the famous caf & eacute; De Flore (flower god Cafe) and deux magots (double old Cafe), it is easy to meet travelers with the same person here.

Tips: interested people can also try the popular franglish, which is similar to the concept of speed dating, but without the element of dating, you will continue to chat with different people who can speak French. In addition to enhancing your language ability, you may also make new friends!

Bali, Indonesia

Yoga, spirit, spas, massage, beach, organic diet, local market, these are attractive enough! Bali is an indicator destination for people traveling alone around the world. Many people are attracted by the local leisurely lifestyle, and local prices are one of the additional advantages.

Tips: you can choose to start your journey in the family guesthouse in Ubud. This type of accommodation allows you to find a good room in the city at a price close to the people.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has gathered backpackers from all over the world. There are temples, water markets, cheap shopping centers and rich nightlife. You will never find anything to do.

Tips: if you want to meet other backpackers, you might as well go to the famous Kaoshan Road, where there are countless youth hostels, bars and young people.

Seville, Spain

Sevia, the capital of Andalusia autonomous region, has various romantic characteristics of Spain. It is the birthplace of Moorish architecture, bullfighting and flamenco. Here you can easily visit the city with your feet. You will find colorful ceramics, stone paved alleys and coveted local markets. In addition, because of its beauty, it is one of the dream countries for photographers.

Tips: sevia perfectly integrates food and social networking. You can enjoy seafood while chatting with friendly locals.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The British poet Lord Byron once described it as "the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea". When traveling here in the off-season, the weather is warm and not crowded. You can take a small trip to Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina; If you like adventure, you can also engage in hiking or rock climbing, where you will meet other people who have the same hobbies as you; Of course, you can also take a leisurely boat to the island, drink drinks and enjoy the sunset and beautiful coastline.

Tips: if you want to meet other tourists or locals, you can choose to live in the city center, such as stari grad or jinx and jinxy.

Dublin, Ireland

Everyone can make friends after a bottle of Guinness, and the Irish are famous for their friendliness and enthusiasm in the world! Especially in Dublin, you can go to the traditional Irish bar, have a drink and chat with the local people who are used to countless tourists. You can also choose to join the tour and take an intellectual trip in this literary city.

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