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List of necessary tourism strategies for Fangchenggang sanzhuangshi Ocean Park

Fangchenggang's Three Stone Ocean Park is located in Jiangshan Peninsula tourist area, Fangchenggang City, Guangxi. Backed by the unparalleled resources of the continuous Jiangshan Peninsula, facing the magnificent scenery of the sea and sky in the Beibu Gulf, it sits on the 800m private beautiful beach coastline built with huge funds, facing the beautiful Fangchenggang City Center across the sea. So, is the three stone ocean park fun?

Fangchenggang sanzhuangshi Ocean Park

1. Traffic

The bullet train from Nanning to Fangchenggang takes an hour. Then didi went directly to the hotel. Fangchenggang north station goes directly to Saville Hotel, Didi 40 + yuan. The sea breeze blew all the way. It felt very comfortable.

Finally, I suggest you drive by yourself or rent a car in Fangchenggang, otherwise it's really inconvenient.

2. Hotel

I spent three days in Three Stone Park and stayed at Saville resort for two days.

The choice is the sea view room, and the whole park environment is also very comfortable. At that time, the hotel had not been renovated. Now I don't know whether it has been renovated or not.

3. Eat

There is only a five-star restaurant brought by the hotel nearby. It is more convenient to eat. It is recommended to eat at bailangtan. It's not far from the Three Stone Ocean Park. It's only two kilometers away.

When you go to dinner, you'd better choose a good shop. Some shops are very serious about killing customers.

4. Take pictures

Bailangtan is very suitable for taking photos. Close to the three stones, there is a home called wanghong, called lanbaituo. The scenery around is really good, but it's really hot around! In fact, we seldom go. We can go to the seaside to blow the sea breeze at night. When the tide rises, the bridge by the sea will be blocked by staff.

Travel tips:

When you go to the seaside, remember to do a good job in sunscreen, not afraid of tanning, the most important thing is not to sunburn!

It's really inconvenient to go there without a car. It's really melting in the weather of roast pork!

Accommodation suggestion: near bailangtan, you can also solve the problem of eating by the way.

Don't go to Egret Island at will. It's best to have staff with you. Egret Island is a private place.