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How many districts are there in Beihai, China's top ten livable cities?

Beihai is one of the 14 open coastal cities in China and one of the most beautiful coastal cities in China. Many people travel to Beihai every year. Beihai is an important departure port of the ancient "maritime Silk Road" and a famous national historical and cultural city. So, do you know how many districts there are in Beihai?

How many districts are there in the North Sea?

Four. Beihai governs Haicheng District, Yinhai District, Tieshangang district and Hepu County, 2 townships, 21 towns, 7 sub district offices, 342 village committees and 84 community neighborhood committees.

Beihai, a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located at the southern tip of Guangxi, on the Northeast Bank of Beibu Gulf, adjacent to Guangdong Province in the East, Hainan Province across the sea in the South and Vietnam in the West; It belongs to subtropical marine monsoon climate. The area is 3337 square kilometers, with 3 counties and 1 counties, with 1 million 743 thousand and 400 registered residence population (end of 2016).

In the Neolithic age more than 7000 years ago, there were human activities in Beihai. Beihai city belongs to Beihai County, which was called Baiyue in ancient times. In the Shang Dynasty, the people of Hepu paid tribute to the king of Shang with Zhugong. Beihai city is named because it is close to the sea in the north of the urban area. It was first seen in the early years of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. It has been known as the city since Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty. Before 1951, it was a city under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province. In 1952, it was officially transferred to Guangxi. In 1983, it was promoted to prefecture level city. What are the famous scenic spots in Beihai?

Famous scenic spots in Beihai?

Beihai Yintan, Weizhou Island, Beihai old street, Xingdao lake, Shankou Mangrove Nature Reserve, etc. Since 2005, Beihai has been selected as one of the top ten livable cities in China.

The Beibu Gulf facing Beihai city is rich in marine resources and is one of China's' four major fishing grounds'.