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How many scenic spots in Songyang are worth clocking in?

Zhejiang has been a rich place since ancient times. You know, there are many talents and beauties in Jiangnan. It has been a place of cultural prosperity since ancient times. It retains many excellent traditional culture and historical relics. It attracts a large number of tourists every year, especially a small number of scenic spots. So, what are the interesting places in Songyang?

1. Songyang Lane Zhi B & B

An ancient house home stay in the lane of the old street. The whole home stay not only retains the architectural characteristics of the times, but also has a modern accommodation experience. In the starry room, you can see the night sky through the small skylight on the roof.

Seven types of houses are available, and 150 per capita can be said to be very cost-effective! The address can be found on Baidu map. It is hundreds of meters away from Songyang bus station and can be reached on foot.

2. Songyang old street

It's near where the B & B is located. It's just around a few alleys. Most of the items on the old street are handmade iron products, mostly palm crafts. The simple street scene and authentic life scene are the human fireworks that photography lovers can meet.

If you come here as a snack, you have to punch in the BAIXIAN noodle restaurant, which is a century old restaurant. It is said that it is often full and can't get a place. We ordered net red wine and bad large intestine noodles & yen; 18 yuan. The large intestine is not fishy or greasy. The noodles taste very strong because they are made by hand. There is another kind of Songyang delicacy salt baked chicken in this street & yen; 55 yuan each. Friends who like to eat can also bring two to relatives and friends, but I think it's better to eat while it's hot.

3. Chen Jiapu

Chenjiapu village, with a history of 600 years, is a representative of Yaju ancient village. Here is the pioneer bookstore "chenjiapu civilian bookstore" located on the high mountain. Literary and artistic young people must punch in the bookstore. Oh, be prepared before coming here. We have to go through 18 turns of the mountain road. It should not be too far for friends who have lived in the city for a long time. Near the bookstore, there is also miss Leila's boutique home stay bird collection, which is worth living. The glass window in the bookstore must be the best place to take photos and punch in. The glass window is like a picture frame to mount the mountain scenery on the wall.

4. Zhaitou photography leisure garden farmhouse

In addition to the good surrounding environment, this hotel is good for nothing. It is located at the intersection of the only way to chenjiatang, between pingtian village and Xikeng village. The geographical location really doesn't have to be said. The title of the photography base is also worthy of the name, and the scenery is very good. The overall scale of the hotel is very large, especially the front desk. It was changed from the old house, which is very delicious.

5. Yunshang pingtian boutique B & B

The accommodation environment is very good. When checking in, my brother helps to carry the suitcase. There is an open skylight and a large row of bookshelves on the place where I live. Up is the place where I check in, as well as the bakery and coffee shop. Brown sugar bread is delicious and the materials are sincere. Down is the place for breakfast and lunch, Downstairs is the tie dyeing workshop, where you can see people's tie dyeing works hanging and drying every day. Each has its own characteristics. Girl Dabao is very good. She gives us a lot of contact information for car appointment, and also provides approximate prices and preferred car appointment methods. She also helps to carry her luggage when she leaves. She is shocked that the fairy girl has such strength hhhh, Although the water couldn't be pumped up on the last day of our stay, so it was inconvenient to throw it away, but we also said we were sorry and gave a considerate gift. The tea was delicious. On the first day of our stay, we also arranged the housekeeper to drive us to the chenjiapu bus point, which helped us save time on the road. We can observe the primitive appearance and traditional customs of many villages here, Generally speaking, it's quite good ~ breakfast is also good, there are many kinds, and I've eaten well these days. Photos of several surrounding scenic spots are attached for reference. It's very beautiful. It's a warm reminder for future passengers, because in late autumn and late autumn, there is no TV upstairs in the artist's studio in order to keep the original.