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How many kinds of Suzhou characteristic fruits have you eaten?

As we all know, Suzhou is not only a poetic City, but also a famous historical city. Since ancient times, it has been a gathering place for scholars and refined guests. This place has been a land of fish and rice since ancient times. At the same time, due to the unique climate, it also grows many characteristic fruits. Therefore, you must not miss these delicious foods in Suzhou?

1. Dongting tangerine

Dongting tangerine is the characteristic fruit of Suzhou, with a long history. Dongting Lake has a superior geographical environment, fertile soil, abundant precipitation and sufficient light. The red tangerine produced is thin, juicy, slightly sour and high yield. The 'material red orange' variety in Dongting red orange has uniform fruit size, sweet taste, thin skin and late maturity. It can be picked after frost. After harvest, it can be stored until the Spring Festival. Its color, aroma and flavor remain unchanged, which is inferior to other oranges.

2. Phoenix peach

Phoenix honey peach is a characteristic fruit in Suzhou. Phoenix honey peach has been cultivated for nearly 70 years. The garden should have convenient transportation, sufficient light, high terrain, good drainage conditions and fertile soil. The honey peach planted is well-known at home and abroad for its beautiful shape, colorful color, good taste, fine meat, tough and easy to peel skin, juicy and sweet, strong flavor and instant entrance.

3. Xishan Bayberry

Yangshan is a special fruit in Suzhou. The Yangshan Mei has been planted for more than 1000 years. The first wild tree species were planted. After that, the mountain forests were cut down and cultivated. The bayberry was preserved with its sour and sweet taste. The western people used to immerse the bayberry in the high baijiu. The four seasons were not bad. When they had diarrhea, dysentery, they could eat a wine, and the wine was more fragrant, sweet and sour. Home medicine for Xishan people.

4. Wangzhuang watermelon

Wangzhuang watermelon is the characteristic fruit of Suzhou and the traditional agricultural product of Shanghu town. It is famous for its thin skin, juicy, sweet taste, crisp taste. As early as the 1950s and 1960s, Wangzhuang watermelon was famous, especially in East China such as Shanghai, Suzhou and Nanjing. It was recognized as "green food" by China Green Food Development Center in 2006.