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Hangzhou couple dating resort summary how many have you been to?

Hangzhou can be said to be an authentic water town in the south of the Yangtze River. At the same time, it is also a characteristic city full of vitality and simplicity. It has a situation in which the epitome of ancient prosperity and modern high-tech information elements are integrated. Many literary and artistic places suitable for young people are increasing day by day. Many couples like to travel here. If you want to travel, hurry up!

1. Linping Park

Address: 101 Yanshan Road

Transportation: public transportation will be a little troublesome. Take Line 1 to Linping station, and then take a bus. So it would be more convenient to drive by yourself.

Linping park is very suitable for clocking in on weekends, and Zui what attracts people is the Donglai Pavilion on the top of the mountain! The steel structure is shiny and beautiful in the sun, and the metal texture is very suitable for shooting large films.

2. Zhong shuge

Address: 2 / F, phase II, Xingguang Avenue shopping mall, Jiangnan Avenue, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

The design of the bookstore is particularly eye-catching! The sky mirror ceiling makes the bookshelf ladder full of future science and technology. It's really Hin cool to take photos here! But be quiet and don't disturb others.

3. Abandoned train

Address: Hangzhou staff training base division of Shanghai Railway Bureau [No. 13, Beishan street, Xihu District, Hangzhou]

Transportation: take exit b of Fengqi road of line 1 according to the navigation

Secret shooting base! The abandoned train is surrounded by green trees, which adds a mysterious color to the abandoned train hidden in the forest. In the evening, the light is just right. Remember to wear bright clothes. It will be more beautiful to take photos.

4. Hangzhou seal

Address: Hangzhou seal & middot; Porton India Hotel

Transportation: take a taxi or drive directly to Jiangling road of Metro Line 1

Punch in tips! Punch in on the arch bridge of the lake behind Hangzhou low carbon science and Technology Museum is the best angle. Remember to wear some bright clothes or bring a bright umbrella, which will look better.

5. Hangzhou baguatian

Tips: the good location overlooking Bagua Tian is in front of Zilai cave on Yuhuang mountain. Hangzhou citizens can take No. 12 / K12, Y3 and 809 to get off at the Silk Museum Station, and then go to Zilai cave from the entrance of Yuhuang mountain scenic spot.

Hangzhou Bagua field was built in the Song Dynasty. It is a Bagua array composed of eight kinds of grain. In different seasons, the seedlings of these grains or the mature crop stems of these grains will show different colors and strange scenery.

6. Xiangshan Branch of Chinese Academy of Fine Arts

Address: No. 352, Xiangshan Road, Zhuantang street, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Brick red color and strong structure are the beauty of this campus. The overall design of the campus is very diversified and very suitable for taking photos. It is also recommended to visit during the graduation exhibition.