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How many days is Mount Emei suitable for sightseeing? Can you climb in one day?

Mount Emei is a famous scenic spot in Sichuan and even the whole country. It is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. Its sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddha light and holy lamp are called the 'four wonders' and are very fascinating. Many tourists come for this. Can you climb Mount Emei in one day?

Can you climb Mount Emei in one day

You can climb Mount Emei in one day, but it may take a long time. It's almost 60 kilometers from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, and it takes 16 hours to climb on foot. However, you must rest and eat on the way, so it is best to arrange 2-3 days on foot on Mount Emei. It is suggested that you can climb to Qingyin Pavilion halfway up the mountain to rest on the first day.

On the second day, walk from Qingyin pavilion to leidongping. On the third day, get up early to enjoy the sunrise in Jinding. Before noon, you can take the sightseeing car in the scenic spot to return to the foot of the mountain. It's a good choice to enjoy the most classic scenery of Mount Emei in 2 and a half days. Of course, if you have a tight time, you can choose to take a cable car.

You can climb Mount Emei in one day, but the whole journey takes too long and you need to rest halfway. Children with poor physical quality can choose to stay on the hillside for one night and climb to the top of the mountain the next day. You can see the sunrise in the morning.