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What are the ancient towns in Yunnan? The ancient town must be a tourist attraction

Yunnan is a big tourism province. Many friends will choose to go to Yunnan for tourism. Whether it's scenery, customs or ancient buildings, it's very eye-catching. The best way to travel in Yunnan is to visit ancient towns. Then, what are the ancient towns in Yunnan?

What are the ancient towns in Yunnan

Old Town of Lijiang

The ancient city of Lijiang is not only a necessary place to travel to Lijiang, but also the best place to travel to Lijiang. There are not only long historical traces here, but also a slow and comfortable lifestyle here, which makes people fall in love with it involuntarily. In addition to the fascinating style, architecture and other scenery, there are also irresistible characteristic snacks and two-way enjoyment of vision and taste.

Dali Old City

Dali ancient city is one of the famous scenic spots in Dali. It is located at the foot of the beautiful Cangshan Mountain. It is the capital of the ancient Nanzhao state and Dali state. This ancient city is famous for its leisure. You can play like this in the ancient city. You can shop in the ancient city during the day. When you are tired, you can find a snack bar to taste the local characteristic food. There are many characteristic pubs and coffee shops here. You can find your living color and fragrance in the wine cup and music room.

Shuhe ancient town

There are three major ancient towns in Lijiang: Shuhe ancient town, Lijiang ancient town and Baisha ancient town. Many tourists think Shuhe ancient town is the most worthwhile one. The whole ancient town has few tourists and beautiful environment. It is a place for you to be dazed and empty. Walking along the stone road of the ancient town and seeing the scattered houses and buildings in Naxi, people can always feel a strong cultural atmosphere, The back mountain of Shuhe ancient town is the remnant of the majestic Yulong Snow Mountain. All tourists are impressed and shocked by the beautiful scenery here.

Baisha ancient town

Baisha ancient town is located 10 kilometers north of Lijiang City. It is part of the scenic spot of Lijiang ancient city. It is the birthplace of Lijiang chieftain Mu family and the most original Naxi village. There is a very famous scenic spot 'Baisha mural' in Baisha ancient town. The 'Baisha mural' is not only the product of the great opening of Naxi society in the Ming Dynasty, but also a famous scenic spot that tourists must see here.