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The most livable islands in China are the first choice for vacation!

In recent years, many people go out to travel. Island tourism has always been popular. Now I feel that the outside island has good air, good environment and everything. What are the domestic islands suitable for living?

Lighthouse Island

Lighthouse island is also known as zhelangyan and zhelangbiao. The whole island is oval, the southeast bank slope is steep, and there is a section of beach in the northwest, which has the reputation of "the first island in the South".

Miraculously, the sea surface in the East and west of the island is very different. The waves in the East roar like ten thousand horses; The west is calm, like a pond, which can print the moon.

It is said that once upon a time, goddess Guanyin of the South China Sea traveled here. Attracted by the wonders of the sea, she stopped on the Rock Island. A fishing boat in the east of Shiyu Island returned with a full load. In order to test her heart, she turned into an old woman and begged her for fish. Instead of giving it, the fisherman ridiculed her and made the sea rough. She turned to the fishing boat in the west of the island to beg for fish. Although the fisherman caught only a few fish, he gave them away in a basket, and she made the sea calm. This moving legend gives a magical color to the wonders of Rock Island.

Address: Honghai Bay, ZHELANG Town, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province

Medlar Island

Medlar island is not big. It is one of the Shengsi islands in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province. It is close to Zhoushan and Shanghai. It is most suitable for daze, venting and watching the blue sea.

On this primitive Island, the greatest pleasure is to have fun with the sea. It's a great experience to go to Dawang beach to step on the sand and see the sea, enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the small West sky, sit quietly in the wonders of mountains and seas, listen to the waves and enjoy the scenery, or go to fishermen's house to eat fat seafood and eat belly support!

If you don't like the excitement of Dawang beach, you can go to the beach in miaogan village and Longquan village to sit still and listen to the sound of waves beating the beach. If you have enough time, you can also explore the no man's land on the island. Finally, I really want to say that medlar island is a photographer's paradise. The photos taken are super beautiful!

Address: medlar Island, Shengsi County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Continental island

Hainan is an indispensable tourist destination. Dazhou island in the southeast of Wanning City is one of the largest coastal islands of Hainan Island. The colorful undersea creatures here are all over the undersea, which is comparable to the diving holy land of meinado. In addition, there are rich bird's nest resources, which is the only habitat of swifts in China.

Continental island is rich in resources. There are plant resources such as yam, Jinbuhuan and wild pepper on the island. The animals include hairy chicken, snake, quadruped snake and all kinds of birds. The island is divided into North Xiaoling and South daling, with a 500 meter long beach in the middle.

Here, coral fish are everywhere, sea cucumber, sea urchin and conch can be seen everywhere, and shells and sea fishing porcelain can be found on the beach & hellip& hellip; Whether it's viewing mountains and rocks, overlooking the sea and holding shows, diving tourism, underwater fishing and photography, there are really many surprises.

Address: Wuchang port, Wanning City, Hainan Province, across the sea

Lingshan Island

Lingshan island is a typical volcanic island. It is also the highest island in Qingdao and Northern China. It is second only to Taiwan Island and Hainan Island in China. It is known as "the third highest island in China".

Lingshan island has a long history. Human activities began as early as the Neolithic age. To visit Lingshan Island, you need to land at Chengzikou Wharf on the west side of the island. The fishermen on the island have unique customs. The village is either on the edge of a cliff, on the sea, or half hidden in a mountain stream. Terraces, green trees, blue sea, red tiles and blue sky complement each other. Coupled with dazzling trumpet flowers, the island is full of vitality.

There is no beach on Lingshan Island, only stone beach. There are volcanic stones everywhere. It is very suitable for fishing. Fishing lovers must not miss it. If you live on the island, you must experience going to the sea. You may find abalone and sea cucumber.

Address: near jimiya port, Huangdao District, Qingdao