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How to play on Binjiang Avenue in Yangpu, Shanghai? Seven punch in resorts can't be missed!

Daily attendance love daily attendance in Shanghai, Shanghai. Many people like to visit Shanghai every year. There are many scenic spots that must be punched in the streets. The Oriental Pearl and Chongming Island are special attractions. In recent years Shanghai Yangpu Binjiang road has also been on fire. This street is full of creative shops and playgrounds, which is very suitable for young people, especially girls. To meet your various needs, let's share a detailed tour strategy.

Recommended walking route:

1. Dock and hemp warehouse

Address: No. 468, Yangshupu Road


Susas urban space season

Exhibition time:

September 29 ~ November 30, 2019; Tuesday to Friday: 14:00 ~ 20:00; Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays: 10:00 ~ 20:00 closed on Monday for maintenance

2. Yangpu Cafe

Address: No. 640, Yangshupu Road

The black and gold decoration style, with beautiful riverside scenery outside the window, is suitable for taking a nap here when you are tired.

3. Jardine 1915

Address: No. 1056, Yangshupu Road

It's a very secret villa. It's said that it used to be the villa where the big class of the textile factory lived in 1915. The entrance is relatively secret, like a small garden. After entering, there is another cave, which is very suitable for taking photos.

4. Oriental fisherman's Wharf (black and white wave point, shopping mall)

Address: No. 1088, Yangshupu Road

You can take the Oriental Pearl when you take the most beautiful sunset. Don't miss it.

5. Green hill

Address: 1500 Yangshupu Road

Designed by Tongji University, the revolving stairs, dog tail grass and Yangpu Bridge in the distance all enhance the attraction here. The lights will be on around 6 p.m. and the night scenery is more beautiful. In addition, there are many free art exhibitions on a regular basis.

6. Baopu Art Museum

Address: No. 58, Haiping Road

It belongs to the North Bund, but it is not far from Yangpu Binjiang. A very small art museum was told by a friend that there is also a rotating staircase suitable for taking photos. There is also a platform on the second floor where you can see three piece sets.

7. White seven coffee

Address: Zhixing building, Pingding Road

It's from Miss xiaohongshu. I feel it's also very suitable for taking photos here. You can punch in together near Binjiang, Yangpu.