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Does Xuexiang still trap people? Snow village tourism must play strategy

'northern scenery, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow; Look inside and outside the Great Wall, but more than Mangmang, the river up and down, suddenly lost the surging & hellip& hellip;' In China's snow Township, the place with the largest snowfall in China, still retains this rare romantic winter snow, about the clothing, food, housing and transportation of snow Township, as well as various details of snow township. So, does Xuexiang still trap people?

Are there any pitfalls in Xuexiang?

Last year, many tourists make complaints about the incident. After a period of rectification, the snow village has changed its face and become a sacred place for many tourists.

Now Xuexiang is a qualified tourist attraction. It is friendly to tourists. There is no entrapment. You can go there at ease.

Because my home is here, it is more convenient. I go to Xuexiang every year. The sky in Xuexiang is spotless. When I look up, I see a piece of blue. Occasionally, several snowflakes flash seven colors in the sun, which makes the world more flexible.

The snow under the sun is more eye-catching, blue and white, making the world more quiet. Under the night, it seems that you can reach out and pick up the stars, lift your legs and climb up to heaven. After looking up for a long time, you don't know whether you are in heaven or on earth.

Every time I go, I will stay in a family hotel. I recommend it to you. It is in the snow Township scenic area of dahelin Forestry Bureau, Hailin City. In the scenic area, it is about 100 meters away from the Dashi monument of China's snow township. It has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. You can play with snow and enjoy the beautiful snow scenery when you go out.

Colorful lights flash in the white snow, giving people a sense of beauty and a warm feeling, which is another beauty of snow town.

His family has comprehensive facilities, both luxurious and high-quality rooms without losing the style of the farmyard (northeast Kang), and an observation platform (for guests to view and shoot).

Pork stewed vermicelli, home stewed willow root fish, cold water fish, chicken stewed mushroom vermicelli, northeast random stew, pot wrapped meat, pig killing dishes, ground three delicacies, red sausage, dry sausage, white meat and blood sausage, pine nut small belly, sauce bone and other special dishes.

The people in Xuexiang are happy and simple, without distress and sorrow. Far away from the flashiness of the city, far away from the disputes of fame and wealth, can't see forgetting righteousness for profit, and can't hear intrigues.