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Do you want Qingshan to be fun? Qingyao mountain tourism must play scenic spots, take it!

There are many interesting scenic spots in Luoyang City. Qingyaoshan scenic spot is also known as Zhangjiajie in the Central Plains. All kinds of strange stones give people an extremely strong visual impact and make you feel dizzy. This is the mystery of nature. Shuanglong gorge, Moon Bay, water rafting on the lake, and visitors from all over the world. So, how does qingyaoshan play?

Is qingyaoshan scenic spot fun?

It's very interesting. The landscape here is a gift of nature.

Tourism strategy of qingyaoshan scenic spot

Qingyaoshan is a World Geopark, provincial nature reserve and provincial scenic spot, covering an area of 76 square kilometers. It is located in qingyaoshan Town, Xin'an County, Luoyang City, Henan Province《 According to the book of mountains and seas, "the mountain of Qingyao is the secret capital of the emperor." the Scriptures in this section of ancient books make Qingyao mountain have the origin with Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor, the cultural ancestor of the Chinese nation, and make it a carrier of inheriting ancient culture through a long time tunnel. In the area, the mountains are emerald, the valleys are quiet, the rocks are jagged, the water is clear, and the rare birds and beasts are found in the mountains; There are dozens of Longshan and Yangshao cultural sites in the giant salamander (giant salamander) reserve, and the living relics of human ancestors can be seen everywhere.

Shuanglong Grand Canyon

Shuanglong Grand Canyon - unique Canyon scenery, the canyon rocks, Qifeng Baitai, Jinping waterfall, pool beads, a collection of dangerous, quiet, strange, show in one.

Dragon gorge - it is said that two imperial Dragons of the Yellow Emperor lived here. The main body of the gorge is about four kilometers long. It is about 20 meters wide and only 12 meters narrow. It is composed of purple sandstone. The craggy Cliffs and scattered pools and waterfalls show the typical landform characteristics of hongyanzhang gorge. Along the way, you can enjoy the scenic spots such as Wuluo lake, rippling waves, suspension bridge, Wuluo three pools (Jingxin pool, Xixin pool and Yizhi pool).

Lianzhu gorge has a total length of three kilometers, but because of the lush trees, rich water resources, high mountains and long waters, it is also in the gorge. The pools are connected one by one, like gourds in series on a vine. In the gorge, there are not only plank roads for people to walk, but also suspension bridges to where to go. There is a feeling of winding paths leading to secluded places.