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Where is gingko in Tengchong? How many months is it best to enjoy gingko in Tengchong?

From November to December every year, the leaves of tens of thousands of ginkgo trees turn yellow, and the whole village is full of yellow leaves, soft and affectionate, just like a fairy tale world. So, where is gingko village in Tengchong? How to go to gingko village in Tengchong? Gingko village in Tengchong County, Yunnan Province is called Jiangdong village. Tengchong County from the North drive more than 40 kilometers, less than an hour to the ancient ginkgo village. There are more than 3000 ginkgo trees dotted inside and outside the farmyard. Most of the trees in ginkgo village here are over 100 years old, and Jiangdong village has become the most popular destination in Tengchong at the end of autumn. This is probably the largest, most concentrated and oldest gingko in Yunnan.

Ginkgo village is quiet and peaceful. Before you enter the village, you can see a large golden area and walk in the village.

Golden ginkgo leaves fall with the wind, covering the village's roadway, roof, ridge, inadvertently look up, you can see the mature ginkgo hanging over the branches, bright sunlight through the interlaced leaves gap, mottled light and shadow cast on the golden path.

The villagers of ginkgo village are a group of interesting people. Some small details make this place charming.

For example, this small umbrella hanging upside down is full of falling ginkgo leaves. It is also a flowing time. The old lady in the village will collect the fallen leaves and string them into clusters of Ginkgo 'garlands' to sell to young girls who love beauty. The ginkgo village is quiet and peaceful in the afternoon.

Apart from the occasional barking of dogs and crowing of chickens, there is only the rustle of feet on the soft leaves of Ginkgo biloba. Around the corner, we meet the old man selling Ginkgo biloba fruits in front of the house. Small bags of Ginkgo biloba fruits are boiled in the soup, which is a delicious human delicacy.

Tired of walking, I went to the delicate farmyard, sat under the ginkgo tree with my friends, drank a pot of ginkgo tea, had a cup of sweet wine, and had a good time in autumn.

Some people say that if I miss gingko, I miss autumn. If I only have one chance to see gingko in my life, I choose to go to gingko village in Tengchong.