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How many of the three most successful scenic spots in China have you been to?

With the development of China's tourism industry in recent years, more and more tourists have come to visit, and some scenic spots have become popular. If you want to become a famous scenic spot, the name is very important, so many scenic spots will be renamed to facilitate the promotion of yourself. Today, let's talk about the three most successful scenic spots in China. Before the name change, there was no fame here, but after the name change, it can be said that it was popular all over the country. From this, we can see that a good name can really promote the development of scenic spots.

Anjiang reservoir

After the change of name, it is called Qiandao Lake. There are 1078 islands in this scenic area, and the lake water is still very clear, with the visibility reaching 12m. There are many animals and plants living in this scenic area. At present, it is still China's AAAAA scenic area, and there are large fish farms in the area, with an annual output of 900000 tons. There are also resorts in the scenic area with complete tourism facilities.

He Yao Jiuzhai

After changing its name, it is called Jiuzhaigou. This scenic spot is very famous. It is beautiful all year round, and there are many kinds of animals and plants. Because the altitude here is more than 2000m, there is snow on the top of the mountain. There are 108 lakes in the valley. The water is the most beautiful place in Jiuzhaigou. The water here is not only clear, but also has many colors.


After the change of name, it is called Zhangjiajie. This scenic spot is famous all over the world. The most beautiful place is the local mountains and the dense streams. There are many rare trees and animals in this scenic spot, including Ginkgo biloba and South China tiger. There are also hot springs and ancient temples, in addition to the unique cultural customs.