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An inventory of the five categories of people who are most likely to be refused a visa in the United

We all know that US visa can be said to be very difficult to handle. Friends who have applied for us visa all know that only US visa needs to go to the embassy for interview. As long as the visa officer negates the interview, the preliminary plan will be in vain, which shows the importance of the interview. So, what are the five categories of people with high visa refusal rate in the United States?

Professional consultants say that in fact, there are certain rules for visa refusal in the United States. For example, those who meet these five categories will have a higher probability of visa refusal

1. From sensitive areas in the eyes of visa officers:

For example, in the eyes of U.S. visa officers, there are still some sensitive areas - if the applicants are from Liaoning, Guangdong, Hebei, Henan, Fujian, Hunan and Tianjin, they should be careful. But it is not absolute that the visa will be refused, because the visa officer will also assess the applicant from many aspects, such as the applicant's economy, work, family and other factors. As long as he can prove to the visa officer the real purpose of going to the United States, and let the visa officer believe that he can return home on time, he can still get the visa.

2. Poor economic ability:

Whether the applicant has a stable deposit, additional income, real estate and other asset certificates in China, if not, the visa officer will think that the applicant does not have a stable financial ability, what to pay for the trip in the United States, which will be easily rejected by the visa officer. On the contrary, if there are both, the signing rate will be greatly improved.

3. Family factors

If the applicant is single or too young, and the financial ability is average, he or she will also refuse to sign. Because the visa officer will make a simple analysis after understanding the personal situation, and consider whether the applicant has the intention to immigrate, such as whether the single applicant will go to the United States to find someone to get married, so as to obtain a new identity to stay in the United States and enjoy the treatment in the United States. The solution at this time is that the applicant can show his advantages to the visa officer in other ways, so that the visa officer can believe that he does not need to go abroad.

4. Overseas trip:

There are some applicants who have never been abroad and have new passports. We call them white books, which is also a big and hard injury; There is also a kind of application, although the applicant has been abroad, but the place to go can not be compared with that of the United States. If the visa officer is entangled in this, there is a certain probability of refusal. At this time, applicants should make full use of their strengths and avoid weaknesses, or improve their entry and exit probability in a down-to-earth way, and then sign for the United States after a period of time, provided that they have enough time and sufficient economy.

5. Working conditions

If the applicant does not have a stable job, there is a certain chance that he will be rejected by the visa officer when signing face-to-face, because the visa officer will consider that you may leave at any time in China and go to the United States to find a job by traveling to the United States, so as to obtain the benefits of the United States. In this case, most of the applicants need to prove to the visa officer that they have enough property certificates in the country and have an inseparable relationship with the country, which can also be passed.