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Harbin's most popular places to visit

Harbin is an ice city in northern China and one of the largest cities in Northeast China. Every time I hear about Harbin, I believe everyone's first reaction is Xuegu Xuexiang. Every winter, a super large ice sculpture festival is held. Therefore, winter is the peak tourist season in Harbin, attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world. Well, Harbin is the most beautiful place to take photos on snowy days.

First stop: St. Sophia Church

As the name plate of Harbin, we must have a look at St. Sophia. The day and night scenes are charming. The huge onion head dome is a typical Russian roof architectural style, and its magnificent idea can be compared with the Vasili Church in Moscow.

Photo Tips: there are fewer tourists in the morning. In addition, there are fewer people on the side of the church. The first picture was taken on the side of the church.

Second stop: Central Street

Harbin Central Street is the largest and longest pedestrian street in Asia at present, and also the most prosperous commercial street in Harbin. There are many Russian buildings on the whole street, which has a unique western style. When it snows, it's so beautiful to stand on the central street and look up at the long snowflakes.

Third stop: Songhua River

At the end of the central street, I will arrive at Songhua River. In winter, Songhua River also let me see what ice cover is. It's so shocking. Looking at a vast expanse of ice and snow, I can stand on the Songhua River, have snowball fights, pull sleds with dogs and so on. This experience makes me a southern child hard to find and unforgettable in my life.

The fourth stop: Harbin music Park

This is a music related park built along the Qunli river. The architectural image of the park is composed of three parts: famous songs, music celebrities and ha Xia concert. It embodies the characteristics of Harbin's traditional music city. It has unique European style buildings and various magnificent sculptures. When it snows, it is full of romantic atmosphere everywhere, Isn't it like a castle in a fairy tale? It's not far from Harbin, but there are few tourists. You can visit the castle. If you like a few scenic spots, you must get up.

Fifth stop: Friendship Road

Go straight along friendship road from the music Park, and you will soon arrive at Bohua wharf and traffic wharf. You can see how beautiful it is by looking at the pictures taken by my mobile phone. With the snow covered tributaries of Songhua River and the exotic wharf buildings, I feel that this is Russia! It's really worth seeing. It'll never be forgotten.


get accommodation:

You can live near the central street, the price will be acceptable, and the transportation is very convenient. Many scenic spots are near the central street, and you can get a taxi soon.

Life necessities:

Warm baby must be more than belt, not only can be used for heating, but also can stick to camera and mobile phone to keep the device temperature (mobile phone camera is out of power in a few minutes), lip balm and hand cream must be brought, cold wind will be very cold.


Down, warm clothes, snow boots, scarves, gloves, earmuffs must be worn. If you don't have any warm clothes, you can buy them locally, but the price is a little expensive. So we suggest you do your homework well and pack them up in advance.