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Where is Hongze Lake, one of the four major lakes in China? Is Hongze Lake a freshwater lake?

Water is an essential resource in our life. Among the freshwater lakes in our country, there is one lake. To some extent, we have ignored it. It is one of the four major lakes. At the same time, it is also known as the most "aggrieved" lake. And why? Is Hongze Lake really fun?

This freshwater lake is located in Huai'an and Suqian of Jiangsu Province. It is the fourth largest freshwater lake in our country. But when it comes to freshwater lakes, we usually think of Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake, which are famous lakes. The scenery of these lakes is very attractive, so now they have become tourist attractions.

However, today's Hongze Lake is pitifully low in popularity and is not well known. Few people know about it, but of course it has great value.

This lake is a large reservoir and shipping hub in the Huaihe River Basin, and it is also a production base for fishery and specialty products, which makes a great contribution to animal husbandry.

After careful analysis, it has great potential. Although it is not as famous as other lakes, its tourism value is still very good. It not only has a very vast lake surface, but also has fish and many aquatic plants.

In such a lake, it's a very different experience to watch the scenery by boat, and there is a 100 meter long dike in it, which has a history of more than 1800 years. It looks very, very grand.

Around the lake, there are some mountains that can be used for sightseeing. And it is precisely because of its popularity is not high enough!

There are not many people to visit the local area, and it can avoid the peak crowd. It is a quiet place. Now there are not many good places to visit and there are not many people, so it is also a very good choice for tourism.