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Where is a good place to visit Italy? These five cities are all good!

When it comes to Italy, you should all know! Italy is a country with many famous cities, such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Milan and the Vatican of China, which name has been lingering in the earlobe for thousands of times. What are the special cities in Italy?

1. Rome

Rome is a city of history. The Arc de Triomphe of the Colosseum epitomizes the past of slaughter, but it is also romantic. The classic image of Roman holiday makes a kind of pink bubble of love overflow under the solemnity!

Roman Colosseum is not only the symbol of ancient Roman civilization, but also the witness of brutal killing. Silence in the sunshine, mottled monuments, time does not decay.

Triumphal arch, the boast of power, force and glory, is the end of the game of intrigue.

2. Piazza de Spain

Stroll through the Spanish Square and explore the track of Roman holiday. At that time, our Princess Anne met the reporter here. She was eating ice cream, naive and romantic. She was independent of the world and was intoxicated with the new world which was completely different from the past life.

Lovely people pay the heart, but also harvest the heart, even if the romantic fate can only be gentle in the memory of time, is the moment is also eternal.

3. Venice

The primary school Chinese text of PEP -- Mark middot; Twain's Venice boat, arrangement! When you see it on paper, it's no longer 'bad, it's a feeling of heartbeat', but a storm, thunder and lightning, hurricane sweeping, and you are in the eye of the wind, quietly watching it, unable to move.

4. Florence

The name of Florence in Xu Zhimo's works is' feilengcui '. The first time I saw this name, I felt very amazing. The color of jadeite, coupled with the cool tone, has a unique artistic conception. Just seeing the name, you seem to have seen countless sentimental stories in this city.

Looking down at Florence, the taste of Florence is totally different. It seems to be a quiet old city, slowly pouring out its mysterious past.

5. Vatican

Vatican is an independent religious country, not under the jurisdiction of Italy, but its geographical location is located in Rome. One foot in Italy, the other foot can enter the Vatican, the world's smallest country has the world's largest church - St. Peter's Cathedral.