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Do you know the best place to enjoy gingko in Japan?

Japan is a small country, but the scenery in four seasons is beautiful. It has been loved by people all over the world all these years. Now it's late autumn. It's a good time to go to Japan to enjoy Ginkgo biloba. Do you know where to go to Japan to enjoy Ginkgo biloba? When is the best time to go to these places?

Tokyo & middot; The outer garden of Meiji Temple

The best viewing time: from early November to late November, the outer garden of Meiji Shrine is a yellow leaf resort in the capital of Tokyo. It is famous for its 300 meter long ginkgo tree path. 146 ginkgo trees form a golden tunnel. The road covered with ginkgo leaves is like a yellow picture, like a dream. At the end of the road, there is a Shengde Memorial painting hall, which is very beautiful.

Shenggang Chengji Park

The best viewing period: from mid to late October to late November, Iwate Park, located in the capital of Iwate Prefecture in Northeast Japan, is an urban park built by using the site of Iwate City, so it is often called 'Iwate City Park'.

This park has been listed as one of the 100 most beautiful urban parks in Japan, where a large number of flowers and trees are planted. Once it comes to a specific season, the scenery inside the park is very gorgeous.

Beijinze, Qingsen County

The best viewing period: from mid to late October to late November, the red leaf scenic spots in Aomori county are very well-known. Among the top 40 Japanese Red Leaf scenic spots this year, 6 red leaf scenic spots in Aomori county have been included in the list, with high popularity, namely aorulai stream, bajiatian Lianfeng and sour soup Wenquan middot; Hell marsh, baishen mountain, chengfeicang bridge and other well-known tourist attractions.

However, in Kitazawa, Aomori Prefecture, there is a tree over one thousand years old, about 31 meters high and 22 meters in girth. It is known as the largest ginkgo tree in Japan and designated as a national natural Memorial. It is also a famous place for tourists to punch in every autumn.


The best viewing period: mid October to late October in Baichuan Township, located in the central region of China, because of the deep mountain terrain, low temperature and early winter, there is a chance to see Ginkgo biloba in late October.

Baichuan Township in Feiyu, Qifu county has pleasant scenery all the year round, especially Hezhang village, which is very popular with tourists. It is also the most representative scenic spot for enjoying Ginkgo biloba in the north and central areas of Japan. If you are lucky, you are likely to see the romantic scenery of red leaves and gingko.

Xibenyuan temple, Kyoto

The best viewing period: from early November to early December, there are many famous places for silver appreciation in Kansai. For example, Osaka City Park is the most famous tourist attraction in Osaka. The ginkgo trees in the park are loved by tourists. Every year when ginkgo trees are in full bloom, the tourists in the park are full of excitement.

There is also a well-known 100 year old ginkgo tree in xibenyuan temple in Kyoto. Because its growth direction is opposite to that of ordinary ginkgo, it is called 'reverse ginkgo', which is a bit inspirational. In a word, Huang cancan's gingko trees and ancient temples are matched together, which is a unique picture.

Hokkaido University

The best viewing period: from mid October to early November, relatively speaking, the ginkgo season in Hokkaido is relatively short, because the cold wave will come earlier, so those who want to watch ginkgo should seize the time of these weeks.

Hokkaido University is a popular scenic spot of Ginkgo biloba in Hokkaido. There is a 380 meter long straight road on the campus. There are about 70 Ginkgo biloba trees on both sides side by side. It feels like being in a Japanese opera. Countless tourists and photographers are attracted every year.

Hirokawa Town, Fukuoka

The best viewing time: from early November to early December, you come all the way south to Kyushu area. Although it is not as famous as the ginkgo landscape in Guandong and guanxi areas, it is also very worthwhile to come here. There are few people and beautiful scenery. It is super suitable for taking beautiful photos in the open ginkgo forest

In Guangchuan Town, a small town in the south of Fukuoka County, there is a very secret gingko scenic spot - Taiyuan gingko forest, where hundreds of gingko trees are planted. In autumn, it's too beautiful!

Chuishui City, Kagoshima

Best viewing period: from early November to early December? Can't you enjoy the forest of hundreds of gingko trees? Then thousands of golden ginkgo trees park can absolutely satisfy you!

In Chuishui city of Kagoshima, there is a shining yellow ginkgo paradise, with about thousands of ginkgo trees planted. When you walk in and see the golden scenery of the garden, you will feel suffocated instantly, just like crossing into the fairy tale world.