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Can I go to Aershan by plane? Take the travel guide to Aershan!

Winter is also more suitable for tourism, and the scenery of Aershan is particularly beautiful in winter. Many people like to travel to Aershan every winter. Located in the northwest of Xing'an League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, across the southwest foothills of Great Xing'an Mountains, Aershan city is the political, economic and cultural center of Xing'an League forest region. So, how can I get to Mt. Aershan?

Winter tourism transportation in Aershan

1. Aviation:

At present, there are three air routes running all the year round at the ALSHAN airport, namely Beijing and chen8651&# 8651; Aershan, Hohhot and fu8651&# 8651; Aershan, Wulanhaote City&# 8651; There are no direct flights in the southern cities of Aershan. You can transfer, such as in Ulanhot or Hohhot.

2. Railway:

In the territory of Aershan, there are three trains, namely Baicheng and chen8651&# 8651; Wulanhaote & fu8651&# 8651; Aershan, Shenyang and Shenyang 8651&# 8651; Wulanhaote & fu8651&# 8651; The train in Aershan; Ilsch & Chen 8651&# 8651; Hailar; Moreover, if it is the peak season, there will be special trains in Beijing, Tianjin, Hohhot and other places.

3. Highway:

The roads here are quite convenient. Basically, there are more than ten tourist buses every day to and from the surrounding cities and scenic spots, such as Hailar and fu8651&# 8651; Arshan, one shift a day, Yakeshi, 8651&# 8651; Arshan, two days a class; Baicheng & Chen 8651&# 8651; Arshan, once a day; Manzhouli and fu8651&# 8651; Aershan, Anhui Province&# 8651; Ulanhot, one shift a day; Wulanhaote & fu8651&# 8651; Aershan, Anhui Province&# 8651; Ilsh, every hour. You can choose your own frequency.