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Where is the eye of Tianjin? How much is the entrance fee? How do I get there?

Tianjin is a popular tourist city in China, and the eye of Tianjin is a tourist attraction that most people have to punch in. If you go to Tianjin and don't take the eye of Tianjin for the last time, I believe you will all feel sorry. Then, do you know when the eye of Tianjin will open? How much is the ticket price of Tianjin eye?

Eye of Tianjin

Tianjin eye is located on the Bank of Haihe River in Hongqiao District of Tianjin city. It is a Ferris wheel with river crossing construction and bridge wheel integration. It has the functions of sightseeing and transportation. It takes 28 minutes for the ferris wheel to rotate for a circle. When it reaches the highest point, you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery, even within 40 kilometers. With a diameter of 110 meters, the wheel is equipped with 48 360 degree transparent cockpits, each of which can accommodate 8 people and 384 people at the same time. The rotation speed is slow and not exciting. You can see the cars galloping on both sides. It's funny.


Take bus No. 34, 4, 607, 611, 640, 659, 673, 802, 841, 849, 863, 869, 878 and get off at Wuma Road station.

admission ticket

Ordinary ticket: RMB 70 (Monday - Sunday)

Half ticket: 35 yuan. (children under 1.2 meters)


The Tianjin eye Ferris wheel scenic area has been booking online tickets since June 30, 2019, canceling all spot tickets. Visitors can pay attention to the official account of the Tianjin eye wheel WeChat public number by booking tickets. The tickets are sold 3 days in advance and sold immediately.

Opening Hours

09:30-21:30 (January 1 - December 31, Tuesday - Sunday)


It will be open after 18:00 on Monday

According to the annual routine maintenance plan, Tianjin eye Ferris wheel scenic spot will be maintained from November 4 to November 17, 2019, and will be closed for the whole day, and will resume operation on November 18, 2019