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How many cities have you visited in Japan?

In recent years, many people like to travel abroad. Japan, which is closer to China, has always been popular with Chinese people. Many people go to Japan to see cherry blossoms in wupao hot spring. So, what are the scenic spots worth seeing in Japan?

The best place to visit in Japan

1. Tokyo

Tourists who like to socialize will like Tokyo. The metropolitan area of the capital of Japan is the most populous area in the world. From spring cherry blossom in traditional garden to fish market in tuskiji. Tokyo blends old and new, from shrines to karaoke bars. Walking on the streets of this active city can be a vibrant experience. When Tokyo's pace is too fanatical, visitors suggest relaxing in the beautiful Shinjuku imperial garden.

2. Kyoto

Today, Kyoto is the capital of Kyoto Prefecture, but it served as the imperial capital of Japan for more than 1000 years. The city of 1.5 million people, located in the heart of the island, is known as the city of Pantheon because it has thousands of Shinto shrines, including the most acclaimed fujianaho and Buddhist temples. Kyoto is also famous for its beautiful gardens and the worship of only gardens, which is a July celebration and is considered one of the best in Japan.

3. Nara

Nara, once known as Heijo, was the first permanent capital of Japan, founded in 710. When the government was threatened by powerful Buddhist temples, the capital was transferred to Changgang. Less than an hour's drive from Kyoto, it is a popular tourist activity to see the oldest and largest temples in Japan. Tourists especially like the Dongda temple and its cantilevered buildings, the trim lawn and the deer walking on the ground.

4. High mountains

After the hustle and bustle of Japan's big cities, tourists eager for peace and tranquility may want to go to the tourist town HIDA Takayama, where they can experience life in a rural environment. Located near the Alps in northern Japan, Gaoshan is famous for its well preserved old urban area. The most beautiful part of the old town is called sanmachi. It consists of three narrow alleys filled with wooden buildings for wineries and small boutiques.

5. Sunlight

Rizhao is a small town at the entrance of Rizhao National Park. The most famous are Dongzhao palace, Japan's most ornate shrine and Tokugawa's mausoleum. The National Park is one of the most popular scenic spots in Japan, with beautiful mountain scenery, lakes, waterfalls, wild monkeys and many hiking trails. Although you can enjoy the charming scenery all year round, autumn is the best time to visit the sunshine. That's when the leaves change the landscape with spectacular colors.

6. Kamakura

Located on the coast less than an hour from Tokyo, Kamakura was once an important town and the seat of the military government that ruled Japan for 100 years. Today, it is a relaxing seaside resort, sometimes called Kyoto in eastern Japan, because it has many temples and shrines. Its most famous scenic spot is the Great Buddha, a huge bronze Buddha statue surrounded by trees, but the town's ancient Zen temple is also eye-catching.

7. Hiroshima

Hiroshima, located on Honshu Island, is younger than many Japanese cities less than 500 years old, but its fate was forever sealed in history on August 6, 1945, when it became the first city in the world where an atomic bomb fell. It is. Therefore, the city's attractions are peace centered: Peace Park, Peace Memorial and Peace Memorial Museum. The city also has attractions that attract more pleasant ideas, such as Hiroshima castle.

8. Kanazawa

In the mid-19th century, Kanazawa was the fourth largest city in Japan, built around a magnificent castle and beautiful garden. Today, the capital of Shichuan County continues to cultivate art and has a charming old city. Fleeing the bombing during World War II, traditional downtown areas, such as the charming geisha teahouse areas of nagachi and its Samurai house and East tea house, remain intact and are a pleasure to roam around.

9. Shiyuan

Ishigaki Island, located in the west of Okinawa, is Japan's leading beach destination and an ideal base for exploring other islands in the bachongshan archipelago. Because the beaches of fusaki and maezato are protected by the Internet, they have the best beaches in Japan and are especially popular with families. Ishigaki Island, 1250 miles (2000 kilometers) south of Tokyo, may not have the shrines and temples that other Japanese cities have, but it does provide an exuberant nightlife for tourists who have energy after a day of beach exploration and water sports.

10. Gaoyeshan

Gaoyeshan is the most important site of shinyan Buddhism, which has been practiced in Japan since it was introduced by Japanese Mahatma in 805. It remains the headquarters of sects and small towns that grew up around temples. The mausoleum of Kobo Daishi, a wooded mountain, is also the beginning and end of the pilgrimage to the 88 shrine of the four kingdoms. Tourists can experience the life of monks here, because they can spend the night in the temple.