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How to travel to Guangzhou in November? Recommendation of autumn attractions in Guangzhou

If you want to enjoy the flowers, it's necessary for you to know about the flower show in Guangzhou. There are several flower shows in Guangzhou that you can go to. How can you go to Guangzhou in November?

Guangzhou Bougainvillea & Rhododendron Exhibition

This year's Acanthopanax azalea exhibition focuses on "beautiful home" middot; Taking "happy life" as the theme, the whole exhibition fully displayed the three landscape features of "delicacy, art and elegance", created a charming theme exhibition flower border effect, and conveyed the beauty of life through the theme scene connotation.

Flower tips

Time: November 1 to November 20

(for 20 days, the best viewing period is from November 1 to November 15)

Venue: Guangzhou Sculpture Park

Admission: Free

Traffic guidelines:

Bus routes

Take bus No.36, 66, 189, 190, 278, 481, 544, 546, 547, 706, 76, 76a, 810, 864, 93 to sculpture park station.

Tip: in order to facilitate the public and tourists to visit safely, the parking lot of Guangzhou Sculpture Park will be temporarily closed from October 21 to the end of the flower show during the 2019 Guangzhou azalea flower show. It is suggested that the public choose public transportation or the nearest parking lot.

Cotton rose

Hibiscus is not only gorgeous and unique, but also a changeable goddess. The petals of Hibiscus mutabilis are white in the early morning, light red at noon and dark red in the evening. Color changes three times a day, also known as' three drunk Hibiscus'.

The first flowering period of Hibiscus cantonensis was later than that of Chengdu, Wuhan and Hangzhou. The flowering period of Hibiscus cantonensis is usually in late September; From the middle of October to the first ten days of November, it entered the full bloom period; In the middle of November, it entered the final flowering stage. From late October to early November this year is the peak period of Hibiscus mutabilis.

Flower tips:

Viewing time: mid October to early November

Viewing places: Zhuangtou Park, liuhuahu Park, furongzhou Park, Xiaogang Park, South China Botanical Garden, biological garden, dongshanhu Park and martyrs' cemetery flower hall in Guangzhou can enjoy the beautiful scenery of many hibiscus flowers blooming and laughing at the autumn wind.

Punch in posture: because of the three changes of hibiscus flowers in a day

If you want to shoot snow-white hibiscus, the best time is about two hours after sunrise;

If you want to shoot the red hibiscus, the best time is about two hours before sunset.

Red water lily

Red water lily is one of the varieties of water lily. Red sleeping lotus is pink or pink, gorgeous and eye-catching. In Guangzhou, the flowering period of lotus is from May to August, but the flowering period of red water lily is very long, from May to February of the next year, in which the flowering is the most colorful from November to December.

Red water lily's' lifestyle 'is different. In the morning, it's the brightest. Close to 11 noon, the flower gradually closed, it will 'nap'. It wasn't until midnight the next day that its petals opened slowly. After the red sun rose to the East, it was the most beautiful.

Flower tips

Viewing time: November - December

The best viewing time: the best viewing and shooting time is about two hours after sunrise.

Viewing place: renweimiao square, pantang Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Traffic guidelines:

Take Metro Line 1 and get off at exit e of Changshou Road station; Or take line 5 to exit a of Zhongshan 8th Road.

Yangcheng chrysanthemum Club

With the theme of "juzan new era" and chrysanthemum as the main material, the Yangcheng chrysanthemum festival sets up a theme group with scene style. At the same time, it focuses on displaying chrysanthemum art works such as Dali chrysanthemum, bonsai chrysanthemum, cliff chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum modeling, etc., comprehensively displaying the beauty of China and transmitting Chinese civilization.

Flower tips

Viewing time: November 16 - November 30

Venue: Guangzhou Cultural Park

Transportation Guide: take Metro Line 6 to exit D of Cultural Park station