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Red ant in Tokyo, Japan: which country does red imported fire ant come from?

Recently, a kind of ant has appeared in Japan, which is exactly red ant. This kind of ant is also highly toxic, or very toxic. Some netizens speculated that Japanese poisonous ants are related to typhoon? At present, it doesn't matter. More importantly, the highly toxic red ant is an alien species invasion, not a native of Japan.

Red ant in Tokyo, Japan

According to Japanese media reports, more than 300 South American red imported fire ants with strong toxicity were found in the container yard of Qinghai Wharf in Tokyo port this month. Later, relevant authorities confirmed that there were more than 50 queen red imported fire ants in Tokyo port! If these queens fly out of their nests and settle in Japan, it may further aggravate the spread of the red imported fire ant in Japan. Therefore, the Japanese government held a relevant cabinet meeting this week, saying that this is a different level of situation from the past, and that efforts should be made to prevent the red imported fire ants from settling down. If the red imported fire ants settle down, it may have a significant impact on Japanese society. Therefore, the Japanese government even called on the whole country to eliminate ants.

Some friends also want to ask whether the sudden outbreak of red imported fire ants in Tokyo has anything to do with the recent weather events such as typhoon haibeisi? Of course, it doesn't matter. Although the red imported fire ant can move to other places with the wind or water, it is an alien invasive species, not a native species of Japan. No matter how severe typhoon haibeisi is, it can't move the red imported fire ant from thousands of miles away.

Red imported fire ant

This poisonous red imported fire ant is native to the South American continent. It is about 2.5-6 mm long, small and dark brown. Because it has a needle in its abdomen, people will be stung if they touch it, and people with allergies are at risk of death. And it is different from bees, stabbing people themselves will not die, once encountered it, may be even stabbed seven or eight times. After being stabbed by a killer ant, the pain is as mild as fire, and the abscess lasts for 10 hours. Severe hemiplegia or even general paralysis, even death. More than one million people are killed in the United States each year due to allergy.

Moreover, they also damage crops and invade electrical equipment. The red imported fire ant invaded the south of the United States in the early 20th century due to the lack of inspection and prevention. This originally insignificant Alien Ant has caused serious losses in agriculture and environmental health in the United States, estimated to be more than billions of dollars a year. In China, there are also news of red imported fire ant invasion from time to time.