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How about traveling to Zhangjiajie in November? How can I get to Zhangjiajie from the station?

Would you like to travel to Zhangjiajie now? Zhangjiajie is a famous tourist scenic spot in Hunan Province. Tens of thousands of tourists come to visit Zhangjiajie every year. You will know the relevant information of Zhangjiajie in advance before you leave. For example, what should you pay attention to when you go to Zhangjiajie? How to get to Zhangjiajie?

It's better to travel to Zhangjiajie in a few months

It's better to travel to Zhangjiajie from April to June and from September to November every year. From April to June, Zhangjiajie is full of beautiful scenery. The weather is suitable. You can visit the Shili Gallery, explore Huanglong cave, and experience the surprise of Wuling people entering the Peach Blossom Land. From September to November, the sky in Zhangjiajie is high, the clouds are light, the forests are colorful, the autumn is strong, and the scenery is beautiful.

How to get to Zhangjiajie

1. Zhangjiajie railway line is not developed. At present, there are only t, Z and K trains. The railway station is very close to the center of the city. The left side of the station is the central bus station (see the picture and text below for details). There is a bus directly to Zhangjiajie Forest Park, which is very convenient.

2. Taxi pricing to the urban area is about 15-30 yuan, but many drivers will charge indiscriminately, especially at night, asking for more than 100 yuan.

3. Zhangjiajie Hehua airport is the only airport in Zhangjiajie, the airport is very small. It is about 10 kilometers away from the urban area, about 15 minutes by car; it is about 35 kilometers away from Zhangjiajie core scenic area, about 40 minutes by car.