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How to clean silk clothes in summer? Do you know how to clean and maintain silk clothes

Silk clothing is soft and comfortable, and very light, is a favorite clothing for many people in summer. However, we should pay great attention to the cleaning of silk clothes. In fact, many people have not mastered the correct cleaning method, which leads to the yellowing and fading of many silk clothes after washing. Will you clean the silk clothes correctly?

Can silk be washed with bath gel

Although shower gel is a neutral detergent, it can wash protein better. But silk contains protein. Wash clothes with bath gel.

The selection of washing materials is very important. When washing silk fabrics, it's better to choose neutral detergent instead of washing powder and alkaline detergent. Neutral detergent will not damage silk fibers. When washing silk fabrics, the water temperature should not be too high. It's better to wash clothes below 30 ℃. Clothes with the same color can be washed together. If the color is different, it must be washed separately, because silk fabrics are easy to fade, It's hard to get rid of the color. It is also very important to dry the washed silk fabric in a cool and ventilated place. Do not dry it in the sun. After it is dry, iron it with a steam iron. If more stains, not easy to wash silk clothes, it is best to go to a professional dry cleaner.

Is silk washed with bath gel

Shower gel is not a detergent for clothes, and the color fastness of silk clothes is generally low, and the material is special, so special detergent should be used. It is not recommended to wash silk clothes with shower gel.

Correct cleaning method of silk

1. When washing silk clothes, it is not suitable to soak silk clothes in cold water for a long time, 5 to 10 minutes is appropriate. Neutral washing powder can be used when washing, silk clothes can not be washed by hand, rubbing should be light, not by gravity, in order to prevent fiber damage.

2. Washed silk clothes should be dried with water and in the shade, but not exposed to the sun, so as to prevent the influence on the strength and color fastness of the fiber.

3. When the silk clothes are dried, they can be dried in the reverse direction, and at the same time, they should avoid direct sunlight. When the clothes are about 80% dry, they can be removed. In this way, the silk clothes after drying feel soft and are not easy to fade.

4. The characteristic of silk clothes is acid and alkali resistance, so in order to keep the bright color, it's better to drop a few drops of acetic acid into the water before drying, then soak the clothes in the water for about 10 minutes, and then take them up to dry, so as to keep the color of the clothes.